Monday, March 19, 2007

2 week hiatus

6 Aug 2004
At the moment
Mood: Sleepy
What I had last: Breakfast at kopi tiam
Time: 08:54 (That's AM y'all)
Wishlist: Greenbacks, as Lex aptly put it. I'd sell friendships for a stack of it, yep. And sleep.

Whoa, I haven't been blogging for only TWO weeks?! And I thought I haven't came here for 2 months, like. Cheh. Anyhoo, after cleaning up the spider webs and coughing over dust, sundry and all, I decide 9am in the morning is as good a time as any to blog. Considering my 'puter at home hasn't been switched on for days. Especially the only time I ever check my mails is in the internet lab in college.

Yesh, darling. Drill it in your fried brain: I'm in college. Right now. At 9am. And classes start at 11am.


The noble fight for a tiny, exclusive space every day, called CAR PARK. I noticed when I arrive at 9.15am, forget about cruisin' into a space. I got penalised first time for parking in lecturer's space. I waited 35 minutes the next day for space, only to see a f***ed Kancil reverse heroically into the coveted place, and I came REAL early (like, before 8am?) to find, woo hoo, empty spaces! A lot! And today I came by 8.40am, and I get to squeeze into one of the last 5, yes, 5 spaces at the FAR FAR end of the lot.

College kids with cars are insane. Why are they up THIS early!?
Beats commuting by LRT and KTM anyday. 20 minutes and I'm here. 20 minutes and I'm home. Oh, joy!

So now that it's enstablished that no, I did not, in the past 3 weeks:
a) died
b) fall into coma
c) disappeared because my mugshot is in the FBI's 10 most wanted
d) abandon ship, sorry, blog
e) been too busy busy to come chitty chat here...

Actually, yeah. I've been a little lazy. And you, my readers, I apologize if you still exist.

What I have been doing:
a) Study lots
b) Socialise lots
c) Sleep lots
d) Drive lots
e) Watch tv lots
f) online little
g) blog little
f) ...died.

Oh, also watched King Arthur and I, Robot since Spiderman. King Arthur is damned good. I actually....well...teared-up at one scene. That is, before this couple behind me whisper and TALK loud enough to annoy the heck out of people in a 5 metre radius. In a cinema, with a touching scene, whispers that reach 5 metre radius is a crime. Yeah, yeah. I was saying. King Arthur is good. Catch it, NOW.

I, Robot fiction-ish. Will Smith do NOT have 6-packs, and robots have no right to make people touched. Hey's they have no right to FEEL they have the right to make people delve into pity-for-them emotions! It's pretty alright, makes you think a little about our dependency on others to survive and preserve Planet Earth, especially like the 'revelation' scene where that Prof told Will what went wrong with the perfect 3 laws.

Next, Puteri Gunung Ledang. Looks delicious, the footage, yo.

It's already approaching the end of my first semester in college. End of August, finals, then 3 week break. Life passes you by, doesn't it? Wish there are moments in life I'm really really lucid and conscious about life and time.

But hey, as usual, I'll just feel my way through.

A visitor made this comment,
Yeah, time sure flies in campus. Can't believe it's already been 7 weeks I'm here in uni. Lucky you get to drive. I still have to walk to where I want to go everyday. But well, at least still get to wake up later. : )
Yeah, mewants to watch Puteri Gunung Ledang too. Yay!
Jun Hoe

A visitor made this comment,
So I, Robot was so-so only? Damn, I had wanted to watch that!
Shijun []

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