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13 Jul 2004
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Wishlist: Greenbacks, as Lex aptly put it. I'd sell friendships for a stack of it, yep.

Oh mortified I am. It's midnight already and my progress in Economics is stagnant. Aiyiyi. I'll make this a quickie, then.

Yesterday I went to BRATs Charity Carnival in Pasar Seni LRT Station. Given, I only told a few people I'll be there, and clearly people were surprised to see my face. Don't know why, though. I live in KL and Selangor all my life, jeez. Thought was at the wrong station. No flyers, no banners, nah-tin, lad. But then I saw them at the concourse. Saw Miu Kee and made a beeline for him, and soon see E-von, Jessica, Aaron, Pei Ming, Tim...Logeetha, Alvin, Aidid (and a whole lot of people)..the old gang. Missing Jeanette (who's in USA), Kizzy (can't make it) and Hanna (for some reason), though.

Need no describe the carnival, it's on Monday July 12's Metro section, get your lazy asses to the newspaper piles and start digging.

Can tell you the hot dogs rawk, the pop corn out-of-this-world (unlike TGV and GSC popcorn, ugh, you capitalist scums) and the cotton and the Maggi fried rice mediocre, though.

Jess was handling the pie stall, and I volunteered for the flowers, which was at different corners of the fair. Good decision as any, Avril was jittery over manpower and I sanely did not want to even smell the "pies", much less get pie-d. For the first hour or so, all I did with Shu Li was giving away (actually it was baby's breath and that sort of flowers that accompany a bouquet) which was really weeds. And then we sold some half-a-dozen roses, and the price kept on dropping. Economics - little demand + loads of supply = low equilibrium price. And then it went for RM 6 for half-a-dozen, can't get any cheap bargain as any, but "market" wasn't cleared anyway. And it's a market day supply - no matter how much the price, the supply is the same - bounty.

Sorry, could not resist that. I haven't gone to AFC and AVC and ATC, yet. Probably because those roses were donated. Costs wasn't a problem.

And then Avril handed me a donation box, which is a good excuse to walk around. Reuben was at the fruit stall with this totally kooky guy Weng Wai from Cameron '04, and another girl. The other donation collector, Pearly, is getting lots of cash, because she looks so cute with her pitiful face and ..she's just so cute and funny. This guy Pearly call Penguin followed us for a while and then headed to the games booth. Both from Cameron '04. Saw quite a few people got pie-d. Note: old men have mean aim and strong arms.

This band called Street Soldiers was there early and left only before we packed up. Actually, I saw them still hanging around when we were cleaning up. I digress. When they walked in, exclamations and whispers of "Hey, isn't that fella the Malaysian Idol reject? He can't remember Vida!" was flying. They were...well. They're still very new, it was their first perfomance, they still have a long way to go and a long way in front of them. Their renditions of Linkin We smirked, we grimaced, we cringe, we gave looks (resembling horror). Need to expand their music repertoire. Badly. Please, there's only ONE Linkin Park! Still, they performed for hours and it was all in the name of charity...'nuff said.

They were good sports, though. When we danced YMCA, played Limbo, did wacky things, they joined in. Ice cream eating competition, drinking competition, whatnot. And oh, the female lead singer had a friend along. A tall, skinny girl...who, ohmigosh, was my primary schoolmate! Christina Tan...soft spoken, sweet...11 years and she never changed. Wow. Gianne went, too. In fact, Gianne's the one who pointed both of us out to each other. Wish there could be a complete SDAB reunion. Still kicking myself for missing the reunions couple of years ago.

Honestly in my very humble opinion the fair sort of...sort of...flop. It's just not in the right location. Lots of foreign workers (and I know...those sort of people you don't want to sit next to in the train?), lots of tourists (who do not stop for these stuff) and few homeless people who just take stuff without even asking. But we had fun, and we did make quite a good figure, considering.

No photos - did not bring camera. And before I forgot, all proceeds go to Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, Hospital Universiti, as funds to buy a new ventilator.

A visitor made this comment,
Hey, the carnival sounded fun. A little down, but still fun. Why didn't you call me? Heh, couldn't make it though if you did, too bummed with classes yesterday. Though it kinda reminds me of the 'overhyped' charity funfair and IU we had early last year, no?
I'm still at university, like you, being bogged down by tons of activities and assignments. In the midst of all that, still trying to settle down to life in uni. *sigh* Hey, wanna watch King Arthur, since you'd already catch Spiderman?

Jun Hoe []

A visitor made this comment,
it was the day after prom night. i was tired! i got very little sleep! forgive me please.
sounded like fun, anyways.

see you on thursday?


Amelia made this comment,
sounds like loadsa fun!! i wanna limbo!

Alvin Choong made this comment,
Hm. Yeah. It was, admittedly, less of a success than those of the previous two years. Maybe the fact that no celebs came this time (Sarah Tan last year and Azura the year before last) contributed to that.
There weren't enough people taking charge of things, and all the leadership-skills-laden seniors from previous years were gone. Poor Niki had to run everything. Nevertheless, had great fun with Street Soldiers stinking up the place, and meeting with all the old BRATs I haven't seen for ages, and yes, the limbo and the face-pieing.

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