Saturday, March 17, 2007

48 hours of foreboding

27 Feb 2004
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Song: Follow Me - Uncle Kracker
Mood: Anxious
What I had last: McDs
My brain is saying: Shit. Oh my God. Shit.
Time: 23:43
Wishlist: Olympus M[mju:]400 Digital Camera or Kodak Easy Share. I really really really need this current one worked like Stone Age and if anyone have RM1k+ to spare...

*rubs temples*

I wrote this short clip in my mind this afternoon:

A stench has been permeating my neighbourhood since the heavy downpour 2 nights ago. It reeked of prawns, uneaten meat and rotting fruits. This morning, after our dog came back from outside wet and smelling of death, our curiousity peaked. Since brother's room faced the forest at the back of the house, we took the binoculars and saw a shallow...grave. Our neighbours went out investigating...only to come upon another dog chowing down what can only be remains of a once-alive...

That's a true story, nothing made up!

Lately everyone I know has been taking turns torturing my mind. All reminded me, over and over, AND over again about Saturday. Like a broken gramaphone that refused to stay broken. Oh my God. I refused to think about it until last night somebody ICQed and went "SPM results is tomorrow! Thursday!!!" to which I panicked and checked The Star's website, only to find out STPM results is tomorrow. Not SPM. No. And since then I've been on a nervous mode. Worst case scenarios, fantasies, reality check, regrets, stubborn beliefs, staunch's like ambivalent. Only, not happy and sad. Just wanting to know and not. While it's NOT's up there on the same list.

Oh. Also, allow me:
Jeez, congrats Jun Hoe for the 4As you scored for STPM, you paranoid freak!

SPM. Coming. Out. Sat.


I kinda forgot why am I blogging.

*going off in a rant, clicking save on blog and feeding the butterflies in stomach and looking for someone to chat with*

Jun Hoe made this comment,
Hey, thanks. Heh, no point of me giving you advice, you can see how I was also the day before results. Best thing is, just go with an open mind, that's all.
Will write the full details in my blog soon.

A visitor made this comment,
woman! don't forget to TELL ME ABOUT YOUR RESULTS!

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