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Waiting's Over

28 Feb 2004
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Song: Good Riddance - Green Day
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Wishlist: Someone to teach me play guitar.

If you haven't noticed, I've changed my wishlist. All I want is someone who's free to teach me to tune a guitar, fingering and chords.

Yep, SPM results' out. My results weren't bad enough to warrant a suicide attempt, but nor are they good enough to be put on display. Ask and I might tell you. Suffice to say they were all As and Bs.


I was glad I went back to school. I made a lot of enemies throughout my years in school, but few of my junior prefects actually want me to go to Form 6 cos I was a nice senior to them...they want me to still be in the board...I can't tell anyone how touched I was. They handed me tissues to dry my tears, they congratulated me on my pathetic results, I missed them more than I thought...seriously like all my lil brothers and sisters...hahah....might sound a lil crazy but Form 6 IS an option...God...I miss 'em so so so much.

Jun Hoe made this comment,
Hey, you did okay ler for SPM. And well, yes it's nice seeing familiar faces again. But that SHOULD not be a reason to go back Form 6. My advice, you heard before already, run far far away!
Being a prefect in Form 6 is totally different from being a prefect in Form 4. Really, it's just not worth it. I'm not trying to sound like a wet blanket here, just consider everything carefully and not let emotions decide.

Ling made this comment,
py!!!!!!! hows u??????
miss u lots!!!!!!!!!!

so decided wot u gon do nxt? ;)

A visitor made this comment,
I learnt the guitar entirely online. I have no clue about timing, but after 2 months I got pretty familiar with chords and stuff. :)
All you need to do is get a cheap classical guitar (or an acoustic, with LIGHT strings).

Albert Ng []

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