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23 Feb 2004
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Wishlist: Olympus M[mju:]400 Digital Camera or Kodak Easy Share. I really really really need this current one worked like Stone Age and if anyone have RM1k+ to spare...

So this is the actual end of a very long week. I guess the longest since I came home from Sipadan. I don’t even remember any other jam-packed week like this. And I’ll stop blabbering about what a great week I had and how it ended with a bang.

For some strange reason, Delwyn forced me to blog about Mariah Carey’s concert. Why can’t he do it himself? But I guess he and I agree that we’re genuinely happy and grateful to be able to attend the concert. We didn’t pretend to moan and being made to attend unlike some people.

How was Mariah? Honestly I wasn’t that crazy over her. There’s a concert, I have free tickets and I go. So there was many songs I’ve heard of before but don’t know the lyrics to. It wasn’t the sort of concert you can jump and scream too much to, she’s a diva afterall, not a rock star. Mostly we were seated, and I can vouch for how MUCH more comfortable Bukit Jalil stadiums seats were, and they were definitely NOT confortable. My butt hurts. When we arrive, there’s already a jostling crowd and we’re caught in the middle and in the rain. Delwyn arrived later with his friend Thien Yen and Amelia had to raise her hand and risk looking really really stupid so that Delwyn can get to us. We were allowed in around 6.30pm and the concert? It started at 9.15pm, because some fawking VIP was late late late.

But when she appear my first thought was "gosh, look at that dancing tiny Barbie doll in pink speghetti strap and jeans!" I lurveeee I'll Be There, Through The Rain and when it was the time for the last encore I got a little desperate and screamed with the crowd ”Herooooo! I want Heroooo! I won’t go home til I hear Herooooo!” And Hero did she sing, THAT is the pinnacle of the concert. And then it ended. Just like that. Cheh. Me and Amelia had to leave immediately. Oh well.

The next morning my mind was screaming for more sleep while my conscience was telling me to get up and go to zoo. To VOLUNTEER. To willingly make myself smelly and dirty and filthy. I guess the fun was that Jun Hoe was there, too. It was a great way to have fun and talk to him without spending too much money, at least for me. HE had to pay RM 10 just for transportation. That seemed unfair, actually.

Yes, yes, yes. We had to sweep poop. Specifically, Jun Hoe did. Wasn’t no elephant poop, it was horse poop. But the fella was REALLY knowledgable about animals. He explained some genetics stuff and how mixed species always come out barren and how more ‘advanced’ plants really are from animals – afterall they make their own food and they don’t communicate yet thrive. One real Biology trooper.

And the worst? The goats. They reek. The smell stick. And watching them trying to procreate is gross. One of the young male, he hopped onto a bench and his penis was flailing and it squirted. Ugh. And then Jun Hoe launch into another Biology lesson about reproduction.

One male goat tried to do a kid goat. Paedophile
One kid goat tried to do it’s sister. Incest
Animals. Now I understand the equation.

And yes. I hate snakes. I fear them. They disgust me. Superly so. They are disgusting. Period.

Zoo hospital was COOL. I didn’t go to the mortuary (jeez, I don’t really WANT to see dead animals, do I?) Their equipment was so wide-arrayed and the museum with bones and stag heads and jars of monkey fetuses…and sitting around while Aaron vacumned…there’s 1000 benefits of being a girl.

And there was a family knocking the back door of the hospital building (and here I am, thinking the entire area was walled off and access restricted, and here they are, larger than life, walking around) asking where they keep the DOGS. If I have my way, I'll point to any direction and saying "SPCA, that way". HELLO, family, you're in a zoo, looking for dogs?! ...rrright! Instead we told them to ask zookeepers and that they're in restricted area. Bit rich coming from us, though. Our volunteer tags was attached to our waist pockets (therefore not visible) and we're kids in normal clothes.

I hate my conscience. I wanted to run off but ended up in Jessica’s house, discussing and lining the article. On Sunday we finished it and I actually drove her home. One thing is I still can’t talk while drive. No wonder my mom always tell me to shut up when she’s maneuvering tight corners.

And today I declined a pizza dinner with friends in Pizza Hut. Conscience, again. Damn I’ve become so responsible I can hear someone saying teacher…. Wait, I’m not one! But I wanted to be one. Helluva, disappointed.

Ben smsed from his place. How much is it to sms another country? Someone?

And then a hero comes along
With the strength to carry on
And you cast your fears aside
And you know you can survive
So when you feel like hope is gone
Look inside you and be strong
And you’ll finally see the truth
That a hero lies in you…

Delwyn Lee made this comment,
OY! I didnt force u to blog about it. :-P
Couldnt scream much to? Who the hell are u trying to kid. U were practically screaming your throat off. Dunno who's screams were louder. Yours or Mariah's. tsk.


Btw, u didnt try to steal her posters from the streets did you?

Jun Hoe made this comment,
Haha, the concert's not bad eh? Yeah, I mean I don't deny enjoying it, after all I paid RM180 for them! Not like some people who complains being made to go after getting free tickets, eh?
And you make me sound like some Bio geek! I'm not! And no, I don't quite agree the way you link paedophile, incest and animal together. In fact, I never like it when people use the term animal to desribe some cruel or horrible act by humans.

A visitor made this comment,
excuse..allow to advertise american idol 3 which happens on every week on wednesday and thursday at 10pm channel 5 k..anyway i oredi did..
by the way my name is spelled thien YIEN..
heck c@res

Alvin Choong made this comment,
"Not like some people who complains being made to go after getting free tickets, eh?" Ah. *embarassed*

ichimei made this comment,
Heh. Wait till you really get people calling you "teacher, teacher". Just wait.

A visitor made this comment,
Yo! Cool blog, I'm glad I decided to stop by. Fellow Malaysian here, currently enduring the daily grind of devastatingly unremarkable boredom, the dratted, scorching sun, and of course, the dread of my SPM results. Apocalypse!Your entries were pretty enjoyable, especially the one about your bio know-it-all friend. :-P
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