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20 Feb 2004
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Song: My All - Mariah Carey
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What I had last: Speghetti
My brain is saying: Bored.........bored....bored....
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Wishlist: Olympus M[mju:]400 Digital Camera or Kodak Easy Share. I really really really need this current one worked like Stone Age and if anyone have RM1k+ to spare...

Ugh. Friday afternoon and bored out of my ass. Woke up super early thanks to a phone call from someone who will remain nameless who called me while he's in school, did household chores, watched Anthony Bordain chow down sushi and sumo-wrestler meal in Japan on channel 11, had my brunch, went online, then off, cooked for my bro, online, and called a few people. And all of them are...busy. Am I the only one moaning about being bored? C'mon. I'm bored. Lemme hear y'all sing. I'm bored.

Anyway, I'm so bored I'll write what I did since Valentine's. For a full rundown on my very un-happening Valentine's, click on Amelia's blog. And yes. We had a chicks out night, I mean, NIGHT out, in some western joint annoying the diners by talking and giggling loudly.

On Sunday followed mom to Amcorp Mall flea market. Can't say much has happened. Not even movies to watch. No 2nd hand books to buy and no cute guys to goggle at. Unremarkably remarkable.

Monday had my computer, CPU actually, checked to see why isn't it compatible with my camera, is it problems with UBS or what? And crap, it was cos my 'puter is just plain old. Poor guy. Too old for new gadgets. And you know what. The learning centre called up. I got the job, afterall.

Tueday got a haircut. Finally my hair is light enough not to be tied up all the time. But I like my hair long. Contradicting.

Wednesday went out with Gianne and Lean Chiew. Oyeah. Met Andrew Pastors in the KTM station. Had a great great day, really. We watched School of Rock. And before Lean Chiew get to it first, I'll tell you something that'll be real high on my Most Embarrasing Moment list for a long, long while.

Upon entering the cinema foyer, Lean Chiew announced he need to go to the toilet. And then I thought, "yeah, why not I go too." So I went in, did my business and was washing my hands when, OMG, a GUY came inside the toilet and he was looking at me so, so, SO freakishly. He banged his stall door and then I look at the door and there it was "MALE TOILET". Needless to say, I covered my face with my bag and ran into the cinema and felt embarassed enough to look for a hole on the floor so that I can embarass myself more by sinking into it. Lean Chiew and Gianne sure didn't make things easy.

School of Rock is okay. Not too good, not bad. Poor plot, but high on laughter. I love that bass guitarist chick. She gonna grow up to be a real killer. Lawrence the pianist, too, if he lose the specs and of course, the other main guitarist whose dad wouldn't allow him to play electric guitars. And Dewey breaks the mold with his "lessons" and "inspirational speeches". ..right. And they call him teacher. The last song was hilarious: The movie's ended so why you still sitting there....?

Other than that, we went to the gallery, er, learnt what is art appreciation ...(if you feel connected, if it jumps out to you, that's good art....impressive...but do you think this is relevant? Do this touch you in any way?). Sorry. Not much of an art critic. Then we moved to Kinokuniya for LC's tarot card reading and we were there a couple of hours, talking. Then we moved to food court, and we talked maybe an hour. By the time we look at our watches it's nearly 7pm and Gianne needs to head home. So. Came home, online a while and crashed. Before 1am. Wow. That's record breaking.

I look forward to our next outing :).

And then, Thursday, I was still knocked but since bro isn't around had to follow mom to Mont Kiara. Why is it that there are days when I hope my phone will beep and ring or whatever and it'll be silent and there are days when I can't handle it and put my phone into silent mode and I have plenty smsses and missed calls? Duh the bitter irony. The flea market hasn't changed much since October, and Michelle Chong was there, and time kinda fly when you're not there sitting batting away flies. Talked, ate, walked. Bought 2 new 2nd hand books - Amy Tan's God Kitchen's Wife and..something, which my mom grabbed and hasn't let me touch, since. Also a Pan-Asian woman writer. I just love them.

Today. Then there's Friday. Later I'm going to Mariah Carey's concert. Yay. Remember? I had 2 free RM138 tickets. But meanwhile, I'm dead bored. Bored. BORED. Called the centre and declined the job. After such a long odyssey. Cheh. Kinda meaningless. Eeeah. Maybe I should just hop into the shower for an hour.

Such a happening week for the useless-nothing-to-do-idiot huh? Tomorrow we're going to zoo to volunteer, even. Yay. Will meet Jun Hoe there. Yay.

Oh. Ben should already be abroad as we're speaking. That'll be a last update for a while, cos I'm going out fishing!

jackson yeoh made this comment,
b4 i knew it, after a long time knowing you online, finally get to see you in person. lol. but we didnt have hard time coming over the "stranger" feeling do we? anyway the next time is redbox. amelia says so,and i didnt do anything. hehe.
and i wonder how long it'll be b4 our next outing :P

enjoy mariah carey concert!

Amanda made this comment, ur blog....hehehe
anyway, come to mine once in a while...cheers!
heres the add

Amanda Da Panda

A visitor made this comment,
2 free tickets???? and u din even offer me one? didja give the other one to del?

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