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Friday the 13th

14 Feb 2004
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Wishlist: Olympus M[mju:]400 Digital Camera or Kodak Easy Share. I really really really need this current one worked like Stone Age and if anyone have RM1k+ to spare...

Many thanks to Alvin, Mabel, Jun Hoe.

I'm still running on adrenalin right now. Today is sooooOoooooo undescribably wonderful. Amazing.

Since there's a Grads MAS Street Party in Bintang Walk (in front of KL Plaza) today, and they the MAS staff and fellow bratty BRATs were so persistent in me attending, I planned to take the 3.30pm bus to Bkt Bintang.

And then I received and sms at 1pm. Its...Ben. And he's in the local mall where I used to work in. I never remembered any one time where I hopped into the shower, out, dress up and walk to the shopping centre so quickly, lightly and excitedly. And lo behold who I bumped into, but Jin Wah? We were talking beside a gigantic pillar and I called Ben up and he was in the shop right in front of me. I hid behind the pillar and Jin Wah, bless the guy, WAVED at Ben. I was both exasperated and amused. Well. Jin Wah was one step ahead of me in introducing himself to Ben and then he cleverly walked off. I talked with Ben for a while, just chit-chatting, maybe 10, 15 minutes. And that's it. I was still so pumped I circled every level of the centre thinking about it. And I asked someone to call me. Because I can't stop talking!

I feel torn now. Maybe I shouldn't have met him. Maybe it was a mistake. Because it's harder to let go now. But on the other hand, if I didn't, I'll regret. At least now it's a complete circle. After 3 years and this. And then there's 4. But hey. I met him. No regrets, right?

Some people comment that all this is personal. How come I dare post it online. For one, I never gave Ben this blog's url. For another, really, I don't mind even if he read and analyse this. But mainly cos I do think and consider the pro and cons of every blog. There ARE blogs that were online for 10 minutes before I trash them, believe me. And my non-existent love life is not one of 'em.

Continuing, today I'm kinda proud. I made it to Bukit Bintang and back to Selayang, alone, in one piece. Me, Pui Yee, the LRT/KTM worshipper, the bus trash-talker. It's still dangerous, but I'm here, unscathed this one time, touchwood. The street party wasn't anything to be shouted. There was a crowd, some semi-celebs, some familiar faces, DJs and Paula Malai Ali. I have a photo with her, hahaha. There was games and Q&A and giving out freebies, and I won 2 RM138 tickets to see Mariah Carey next Friday! Cun or what? Delwyn won 2 tix, Melissa 4, Miuks 2...and most importantly, us BRATs was there at the party. We were shouting, making noise and having fun. Had dinner together in Kenny Rogers, it's cool, really, just to hang out with them. Some people were walking around selling roses for Valentine's too, and one asked Delwyn if he would buy for me. Delwyn asked the price. RM 15. And you know what the prat say? "She's not worth RM15". DAMN! I didn't take offense, though. He and his big mouth, the famous duo. And then there was Hanna, Doraemon, Adrian, Vysia, A-man-duh, Aidid, Yee Hui, Azlaili, Xandria, Cheesecake, Tiny Tim, Jezamine, Logee, E-von, E-wen, and...I believe I'm missing some people out. Sorry yah. Can't jog my memory.

After dinner we just walked around Starhill before I took off and waited for a bus with a cutie *wink wink* pie sitting next to me.

Some funny dialogues:
Hanna, upon entering a toilet stall to change shirts:

Photographer to Tiny Tim:
'Come here, you can stand with the girls, you look like one anyway'.

Alvin, leading us around the mulberry bush for dinner:
'I might know the way, but I'm not paying'.

Us, blindly following Alvin:
'Do he know the way? Where is he taking us for dinner?!'

Hanna, exasperated with Alvin's lead:
'Do he understand the concept of my hunger???'

Alvin, during dinner, to Hanna:
'A necklace is not a sign of affection'.

Delwyn, wanting to go to Starhill:
'Aiyah, one person take lead, everyone will follow'.

And then this old man boarded the bus and sat next to me on the way home. I was painfully careful and conscious of him and then he started talking.

(conversation in Cantonese)
Him: To Chow Kit hor? Right bus hor?

Me: Mmm.

Oh I know. We're now In Kotaraya. Everything look different in the night.


Look, Kentucky. They're a franchise.


The Shap-


The Ship restaurant. Just like in front of Sungeiwang hor.

--*grimacing* mm. Yea.

So you live in Chow Kit?


Then where do this bus go?


The big pasar? Aiyah I board the wrong bus. This bus go to Chow Kit?

--Yea. I think so.

I'm going to Chow Kit, maybe order some drinks and food, and find a girlfriend


OKAY. That is one awful encounter.

But, hey. Everything goes.

Friday the 13th, indeed.

Vysia made this comment,
LoL! you meet all kinds of characters in busses... and the dirty old man in the bus is just one of them, haha. Hey, it was really nice meeting up with you again, smiley! You keep that sweet, cheerful smile of yours plastered on your face always, ya?

A visitor made this comment,
whee! great seeing you again la babe. had a lot of fun last night. must meet up again soon!
also, notice most of the quotes you put up came from me and alvin. what's up with that?!


Alvin Choong made this comment,
Or rather, most quotes were comments 'about' me. Hmm. I guess I had the group in sixes and sevens. And led terribly. Reality that I led a group of blind hungry BRATs around Bintang still hasn't sunk in. Muahahaha...The blind leading the blind.

A visitor made this comment,
Hahaha! I have one about a taxi driver. Old Chinese men make the funniest dialogues ever.
Albert Ng []

Michelle made this comment,
yo woman, what party was that anyway? never heard of it... jealousnya aku..*whimpers* we must go out one day, and i don't care where and when and how and with who. We just must! Let's go watch Mona Lisa Smile!! Agree? And... ahaha.... we can.. minus the disgusting old man from the bus. And, call ya one day to continue our 'gossip'!! Bye!!
Visit me @

A visitor made this comment,
puii yeeeee...... i'm feelin sooooo jealuos. really. i still cant believe that i couldnt make it that day. :( feel like cryiin..
Kit Sze []

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