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Akedemi Fantasia argument...continued.

6 Aug 2003 17:27
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I have some nice and long time to write today...but let me see how much my mind allow me to do that before my brain strikes. Even as I speak, I'm getting a dull thudding in my head, probably from the heat outside.

Alright, since I got, what, 34 comments on that show alone (MY GOD!), let me continue commenting, then. Sahri's out, thank God...I don't really sympathize because he always come across me as a pretender, but man. He does have a VOICE! It's rather good for ballads only, though. I'm glad to see the original 5-finalists were:


which wasn't that far from the reality. I'm still sad about Rosma. You go, girl! Yeah! And you know what? Last Monday I was in the teacher's staff room and chatted with one of my English teachers, and SHE admit she watch AF every night. She even reveal some of the older teachers (Read: Pn. Siti Norbi!) watch nightly and a few even vote nightly, religiously! Oh God. That got a really big laugh outta me, it was seriously scary how teachers watch these shows too. Ey, don't you think Kurdsiah was playing a slight favouritism? She was absolutely taken by Sahri, boo. Now at least the show's in it's last week...Astro seriously played it big, even opening a new channel dedicated entirely to AF. What did I say about fame, buddy? En. Baha is their supervisor, Aaron, oi...don't fall in love with HIM! Now I know the original's from Mexico, I did wonder...hey thanks for the comments all the way from Mexico! You can also contact me via my ICQ # 92124903. I guess Roasma and Laura should really contact each other ;). Heh.

Back to life:

I just got back from a driving lesson, and hoenstly, parallel parking and 3-point turn gave me the willies. I'm too chicken to admit it, but when my friend exclaimed SHE almost cried during the parallel parking, I quickly and cheerfully agree. At least I ain't the only one with left hands, left brains and left legs.

Played a hickey today, skipping school and sleeping til nearly 11 am. And I had good reason! There was a Malaysian Music Education Conference in Concorde, Shah Alam last night and our choir was invited to perform during the concert which is like, "the" thing for the conference. Honestly, it sucks. We sucked, the hotel sucked, the committee sucked, the food sucked, and I sucked. Let me explain one by one, lest you misunderstand:

We sucked
We weren't in tip-top condition. Not enough practices, rehearsals, too many inexperienced juniors and grumpy seniors. Voice condition wasn't at optimum either.

The hotel & food sucked
Concorde Shah Alam only provided a mini-room to fit in 50 choir members. How big was the room? I dunno...but when 30 people sat on the floor, it sinisterly resemble a refugee camp. Or concentration camp. No more space to walk about. No chairs, no table. Half of the choir had to hang out in the corridors instead. We were at least grouped together. Victoria Institution's Corp Band percussionists had to share with a group named ASK. Which I think is part of an orchestra. The food? Oy. They told us buffet will be served. Only, this buffet's choice was either a) to eat, or b) not to eat. Why? BECAUSE, only fried rice and fruits is served! FRIED rice. Nothing else. No chicken, no veg, no nothing. Worst selection in my choir career. They had to serve 3000 of us in Bukit Jalil during the 2001 SEA Games, and the food wasn't too bad. It was warm, even. They also had to serve 1000 of us last year during the Merdeka Eve celebrations in Shah Alam, and the food rocked. Bah!

The committee sucked
Yes, because they were ALL disbelieving when we inform them, yes, WE, we Kepong small-towners from the middle-of-nowhere with an-unheard-reputation were number one, NUMBER ONE during last year's national levels choir competition. They were also insulting when we cannot sing Tanah Pusaka accompanied by Sek. Alam Shah's Wind Orchestra because the tempo was as fast as a slow funeral song. You know how bad it was when we had to draw breath after the first word of the song `Sunnnnnnng....guuuuuuuuuuh *breath* ge...mi...lang negriku...*breath*...yang kupu....jaaaaAAaaaaa *gasp gasp* oh ta...nahhh'. Yeah. Almost 1 beat per second. It really does sucked.

I sucked
Because I was sulky, grumpy, uncooperative and untolerating towards my own juniors. Imagine becing coped up in a small mini space with a girl who talked non-stop. Who talked non-stop like a bimbo. Who talked non-stop like a bimbo to boys. Boys who don't even deign to answer her in full. I very pointedly told the boys (my contemporaries, anyway, Lee Fu and Wen Soon) to get away from me so that undesirable elements will follow. They only smirked and say no. I then asked to switch places with them so that the girl will talk directly to them instead of across with me in between, and again, they refused. Assholes. So at last I walked away and sit elsewhere. Even then, her voice carried as she whined `look...she scolded me *pout pout pot*'. Sam pat. 3 8. Bimbo. Yuck.

But the concert went well, I guess. UPM and UiTM's orchestra combined and I saw one of my very very senior in school (I was in Form 1 when she's in Form 5). Her name is Hip Hou Ying. Until today, I still respect her and my seniors a lot.

That's all la. Wasn't much to say anyway. The VVIP was Raja Muda of Perak, a distinguished er...elderly man. There was strict protocols. We travelled by University Teknologi Mara's bus, a really huge purple bus. But nothing else remarkable.

Okay, what's next...yah. Thanks, Tiara and ichimei for your encouragement...I mean, at least someone is telling me SPM doesn't mean the world, though I'm sure it meant a way to the world. I'm happy to report that my blog hits jumped from an odd-1400 to nearly 2500 during the weekend! Miracles never cease to exist.

BRATs status: Well, I called the person-in-charge up, she gave me a few names, and from it I can see that there's more female applicants then males and that quite a few are from this Kepong/Selayang area. There's already at least 4 numbers starting with a 627* **** and one with 6136 ****, which is exactly like my phone number. There's also a girl surnamed Khong. Whoa. Talk about a small small world. Well, I called about 4 or 5 of them, at first it didn't look too optimistic, but then I called a girl from Menjalara, she actually agreed, but I'll have to call her tonight to discuss and fine-tune the details. Woo hoo.

Ahhh that's the various talks I have la. The rest, I can't remember. So..hasta la vista.

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