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Mon Dieu

9 Aug 2003 00:46
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Song: Purest of Pain
Mood: Jiffy
What I had last: Piece of bun and hot tea.
My brain is saying: What monster have I created?!
Time: 23:53
Wishlist: Olympus M[mju:]400 Digital Camera or Kodak Easy Share. I really really really need this current one worked like Stone Age and if anyone have RM1k+ to spare...

Scary. I wrote one lil comment about a reality tv show, next thing I know, my poor blog is flooded by people who apparently think AF students read what I wrote. 50 comments for a single blog. Is that an achievement or is that an achievement? It's an achievement, alright. Ha. But enough! I'm not connected to Akedemi Fantasia whatsoever! Don't direct messages meant for them to me! I ain't gonne relay to them..! You're giving me headaches!

I'm in a good mood. The confirmation forms, cheque and photo's sealed in it's envelope, ready to be sent any day now. And Tiara, it only struck me're a BRAT! Oh My God! I'm going to like, see you for 4 days...*swoons* Okay I'm being melodramatic. What what was the odds anyway? I was way way shocked. Happy kind of shock, of course =p.

Also had driving lesson today, went well, I guess, I mean yeah, the engine went dead a couple of times, but it was definitely improving. Yay yay yay. Before I went home I went to my instructor's male student's house to fetch him for his lesson and when we reached my home, that fella got the wheel. Wanna know something really funny? My mom's Unser was already at my neighbour's gates and the Kancil is still in front of my house. That guy took a long time preparing himself to drive and as anticipation mounted, a bang issued from that car as the thing speed itself and braked at top speed. I couldn't help it. I bend over and laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed as the Kancil sped away uneventfully after that. I thought I was a lousy driver, but this...this...MALE made me feel like a pro! I was still laughing when my mom enlighten from her car and she was laughing and saying she nearly had a cardiac arrest; that Kancil stopped only a few metres short from her car. I laughed the more. Man. I am evil.

Weekend's upon us once again. Tomorrow there's a farewell/retirement celebration for us senior prefects. I'm going I'm going!

Oyeah. I have a story. There was once a young man who was very kind, very supportive and very caring of me. He is truly one of the nicest person fate ever chanced upon for me...I mean, he had seen me grow up, accept me for all my stupidity, silliness and naivity...and I hope he still cared enough to call me a friend. Few weeks ago he told me he'd be away for a while. He said it's a week, but it's been 3 weeks, since...and...sigh, I wonder where he is now. I actually...missed him. So, you, and you know who you are, if you're reading this, live life cool, yeah? And update your poor friend here la!

Ciao for now.

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hello....well..this is so cool...okay..first of all, i will introduce myself kay? tis is michelle here,and..erm...most of you wouldn't knoe me...okay...maybe all u.. except for maybe one or two of u out there...but anyways, this site is so cool and 'canggih'... keep it up man!! You go, girl!!
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