Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Amazing Race 6

10 Feb 2005
Damn! Freddy and Kendra won Amazing Race!

Not that it's a bad prospect. It's just that this is the 2nd consecutive season the team I rooted for fall into 2nd place. Damn! Damn! Damn!

Jon Vito and Jill, Colin and Christie, and now Kris and Jon? You. Guys. GO!

Anyhoo, next season, some kidnapped US Army guy?

Rob and Amber?!

Photo source: http://www.amber-brkich.com/

Overexposure, summat?
Famewhores, summat?!


A visitor made this comment,
yeah, i cant believe they let that 2 fame whores enter the race. if they win, i'll hang myself cos its unfair for them to get another million dollars ;p
yeah, colin & christie, was rooting for them man

yook hwa

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