Friday, March 16, 2007

Another day

6 Jun 2003 23:46
At the moment
Song: The Power of the Dream - Celine Dion
Mood: Pleasant
Word: Bong
My brain is saying: Friday...2 more days of holidays...
Time: 23:28
Wishlist: Sony Digital Camera. I really really really need this current one worked like Stone Age and if anyone have RM1k to spare...(changed my mind, credits to Albert)

Can't believe a week of holidays has passed me by..and there's only barely 48 hours of no-school-dom


Went to choir practice this morning in school. Mr Yong our instructor was there. Been seeing him since Form 2...he's a good guy. Very talented teacher...his English sucks, but his Problem is..I'm having sore throat now. Meaning I used wrong mechanism to sing. Uh oh. I never really have this sore throat problem...must have shouted/yelled instead of projecting. No good.


I'm not really into choir...anymore. I was never accepted as the gang, in cantonese tehre's a saying toh ngor yat goh mm toh, siu ngor yat goh mm siu, literally translated it meant one extra me is no extra, one less me is no less. It meant I can be there or not, it makes no difference. AhhHHhh! I so want OUT! OUT!


Okay, enough sighning. Make me old..and I'm not old!

Smiles doofusly

There. More like it.

Harry Potter 5 : 15

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