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Mon Blues

2 Aug 2003 05:56
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Song: If We Hold On Together - OST Land Before Time
Mood: Frazzled
Word: Altophobia
My brain is saying: My mom's crazy.
Time: 22:22
Wishlist: Sony Digital Camera. I really really really need this current one worked like Stone Age and if anyone have RM1k to spare...

Yup. First my mom cackled to herself downstairs..then she berate herself, saying `God, you're crazy!' If that's not insanity...I don't know what's that. So now we all know where I get my sanity mom.

Once again, Monday blues/jitters/depression/whatever is gonna set in...only 10 glorious days of semester break and here I am, on my last few hours of liberty...and this time, there won't be turning back. SPM semester is here. I don't know what I want..but certainly the best result I can garner, considering the circumstances. I found what I want...a scholarship to a major in Journalism, perhaps from Limkokwing University of Creative Technology (LUCT). And my friend with 8As managed to get full...oh I'm really scared right now. I barely ever passed Add Math, my sciences..perhaps 3 more months for me to try won't be too late. I swear to God and myself I'll try as hard as I can manage this last semester, this last late-night train ride...because I don't want to admit I regret what I did (or never did) with my capabilities. I don't want to walk in my mom's foot steps. She never got her education in UK because she was born female to my conservative Chinese grandfather, effectively affect the rest of her siblings' chances to study elsewhere. Out of 6 in her family, only my uncle managed a year in France studying pastry, even so, his almost RM 100 000 fees and living costs was through his entire family's savings. This is MY wake up call...and I admit I'm really really scared.

On a lighter note, of course grandma (and grandpa) and the rest of the family's proud of him and pressure him to bake as many cakes as he can to whet our appetites. Sadly, he's yet to bake a birthday cake (for any of us!) but his chocolate-covered gelatin-vanilla cake...mmMmm.

Well. That's it. Uninteresting person makes for uninteresting blog. See ya next week, I reckon. G'night.

jackson yeoh made this comment,
oh gee..... erm....
actually i'm also from a pretty conservative family. but the lucky thing is i'm a guy... my sis... pity her. my mum once told her, as a girl, get up to diploma is enough, you'll still end up in kitchen and husband to care for u. i totally disagree with the way my parents think. they're conservative, but me and my sis aint. so all i can say is do what do u think is best for u. as for my sis, she supported her own education, working full time studying part time. as my parents cant really afford to pay for both our education.
so all i can say is... try your best for spm. if u pull this one of, ur in for a ride in LUCT. hehe.

A visitor made this comment,
Well glad to know you found what you really wanna do.At least now you can focus on your goals and stuff and work for it...How I wish I know what I wanna's hard when you don't set your goals.

A visitor made this comment,
haha, you know what? your mom would prolly support you in whatever you want to seek greater knowledge of, for she has felt how it was like to be chained just because of her gender.
btw, just a quote i've heard once, a boy saaid to his mom, "insanity is inherited. you get it from your childen."
lastly, stop eating ur uncle's cake! give me some!
lol, jk

ichimei made this comment,
Glad to see that you know what you like and want to do. Just to let you know, I graduated from LUCT (it used to be LICT) with a BA in Mass Communication, majoring in Journalism and Film & TV. Prepare yourself for loads of headache and pain - but I can tell you that it will be a fun course (at least I had fun apart from the admin issues). At the moment, I'm done with my MA in International Communication in Sydney and hoping to go on with life - ie. get a job and maybe start work on my PhD. What I left out is that my dream to do a Masters and PhD came out when I was in primary school.
Just goes to show that belief in yourself and ambition does take you somewhere. You have fun!

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