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Nemo! Nemo! Nemo!

4 Jun 2003 23:10
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My brain is saying: Finding Nemo is good!!!
Time: 22:41
Wishlist: Canon IXUS Digital Camera. I really really really need this current one worked like Stone Age and if anyone have RM1k to spare...

Woo hoo! Watched Finding Nemo at last! A little less then one week after it premiered in M'sia...I'd say it's not bad, cos thanks to Gianne, we got our tickets early, minus the queue and bad seats. It's really really simply beautiful, that movie. You feel like you just want to immerse yourself in the waters and just be with Merlin and poor Coral...and Nemo! The surfer dude turtles was hilarious, the sharks scene was terrifying and the jellyfish scene was nerve wrecking. The funniest part is when all the fishes trapped in the aquarium managed to escape, but still trapped in the plastic bags saying `now what..!?'. Nemo the hero, the brat, the child, the fighter...Merlin and ohh! Poor Dory and her memory! And ugh, that kid Marla!

And then almost travelled the entire KLCC..(My God, that's my only hunt. I go there so often when my friends said they're in B.U.M. equipment, I knew immediately which floor and wing it's on) with Gianne, had lunch and went home extremely tired at what..? 6 pm? Yeah. Homework..I swear I'll try to do some tomorrow. At any rate, I must finish the editorial job. Or else my teacher will hunt for my blood.

Oh. More forum photos from Amelia's album. Check her blog out when she updates; there'll be more photos there. I hate autofocus cameras..not only the images they produce is indistinct, in Amelia's case, it gives eerie shadows, superly huge background and inferior picture quality. *sigh*

That's Shu Jun, budding singer and entertainer...want her autographs? ASK ME.

Amelia, Me, Sweetie.

Heh, our Outstanding President cert!

That's all for tonight. I'm not in a chatty mood anyway. Goona turn in early unless...say, some people turn online.

Harry Potter 5 : 17

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