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Photo time!

5 Jun 2003 10:35
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My brain is saying: I wanna watch Finding Nemo..TOMORROW!
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Wishlist: Canon IXUS Digital Camera. I really really really need this current one worked like Stone Age and if anyone have RM1k to spare...

Yay! Film's developed! I only have half a roll, cos my birthday party took half up. The rest's (1 roll and a half) with Amelia and I wanna see it, pronto! Eargh! Can't wait. Only can do that tomorrow morning. Can't wait. Anyway, here's 3 to appease your appetite, Amelia and mine. Gianne, Doggy Gor Gor too!

And since Amelia said so many nice things about me in her blog, here's to her:
Hey, dude, just to let you know last yearwas the best fiscal year of my life! Being your vice president is so darn fun cos while I can do all your presidential work I don't have a lot of your responsibilities like calling Lions up, remembering dreadful M&A report due dates and being traffic controller to practically everyone in our BOD! I know you worked hard and although what we achieved is not THAT remarkable, I think we both learnt enough to last us for years and years out there in the wild jungle of life! Thank you for being our president, sticking with us through thick and thin and never (really) gave up! Cheers to you!

Here's the photos:

Fellowship Night - Cochrane, Kepong, Kepong Baru.

See that guy? That's Sweetie! The only thorn among the roses, as a Lioness commented that night. Also Fellowship Night.

Second morning, after breakfast in the hotel garden.

Oh, and not forgetting my promise:

My 17th birthday cake! Looks good, eh?

More to come as I borrow Amelia's album and scan and develop my own copies!


Due to popular demand, I've scanned and put up THIS guy's photo:

Yep. None other then the very infamous Mr Alvin Bleh.
Looks very Wanted : Dead or Alive eh? Thought so too.

Harry Potter 5 : 18

A visitor made this comment,
oh goody! alvin blek is up for grabs. ahhaha.
cant believe how young he look. thought he look like an old geezer who look like a cross between gold fish and monkey that no one ever like. young and oh, so discipline. rare these days eh? ask him go clubbing or something. geez.

A visitor made this comment,
ahahahah dude!Can't believe you actually post his picture up.Damn funny weh!Gosh his nose like disfigured lah and geez he does look bad.really bad.aww...anyway thanks for saying those stuff bout was really sweet of ya.


A visitor made this comment,
... i want the cake. haha, jk!
haha, yea, i expected someone old who would wave his tongkat at u guys, i skipped the part where he is a student/leo and so i read ur past blog word by word... LOL. which one is amelia!!! i am v. 5+3... hehe, just curious mah

A visitor made this comment,
ack!gianne you've met before lah!remember vi's carnival day?gee you don't remember me!boo-hoo-hoo!

A visitor made this comment,
My god!!! You gals look so 'old'!!! The guys look so 'young'... that explains all the hard work the gals put in to make the forum a happening one I guess... Sure you guys had funs & joys!
Eric []

A visitor made this comment,
Do you know his address as well? ;)
By the way, Canon digicams very mahfun. If you lose the driver CD it's quite hard to find the specific program. I'd suggest those digicams that act as removable drives when plugged in, e.g. Sony, Fuji, Nikon...

Albert Ng []

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