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3 Jun 2003 20:28
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Welcome back, myself..from Seremban. 3 oh-so-exciting days in Seremban, I survived. Now going to give you a play-by-play, so read on or grimace, but still, read on.

Day 1
Woke up at 08:30. Did chores for mom. At last. Had breakfast and reached station by 11.15 am. Met delegates from SMK Tmn Bkt Maluri there. Amelia arrived with Woei Chii, from SMK Kepong Baru, and we set for the 11:48 train, which is as usual, late. Nothing remarkable can be said for the commuter ride, except this is by far the longest I ever been on, more then 1 and 1/2 hours and my friend was all worried that Seremban is this this hickey town with atap houses and cows. She got what she asked for. As we near Seremban, atap houses upon atap houses passed by (or is it the other way round?) and then horror of all horrors, we saw COWS bathing in the sunshine.
Quoting my friend:
`Oh my God! Look! Atap houses and cows! The only thing missing is paddy fields!'
Maybe it's not funny here, I can't muster the vocab for humor, but at that time we were laughing so hard the train shook with us. People were staring and wondering at this 3 laughing fools. Poor us..fools. Arrived at Seremban Hilton (hear it? Seremban Hilton), checked-in and went down for delegates briefing. And oh. This is fawking horrible. Within 5 minutes, we found out the head of security's (or sergeant-of-arms)name is Alvin Beh and within 10 minutes he is collectively renamed Alvin Bleh (pronounced bleaaaah!). Why? Simple. He has done nothing but show his ugly face and said things like `don't ever let me catch you doing this that or I'll do thigns to you' and `I do NOT allow you to this and that and you must be punctual and bla bla bla' in this hideous, all threatening way. I swear, I hate to be threatened. Threaten Pui Yee, and you're dead. He even named SMK SAS PJ as an offender cos a boy was caught in a girl's room (and we found out that fella was trying to fix the TV!). He shouldn't even name names int he first place. He is by far the most unethical, unprofessional, unpleasant, nasty and fawked up piece of...of...germ of a Leo I've ever met. He took the first prize, hands-down. But that was just the icing. The worst came later. Read on. Anyway, we gotten off treasure hunts and went back to hotel room to shower and prepare for Fellowship night. Not bad, the buffet. I daresay it served by far the most delicious food in all hotels I've been to (and I've been to plenty, that's saying something!). The company was great, too, most of the part. Gotten to know this Form 4 guy from Cochrane (who's with my friend, Rou Ping, president of the Cochrane club) and his name struck me as funny - Swee Kee...he ended up as Sweetie! The MC was a little...knocked in the ehad though. Not that she was bad, but one gets the feeling of overbearing-ness and trying too hard-ness in her. She should host a dinner for the deaf and acutely short-sighted instead. Awards ceremony was dominated by SMK Jinjang and SMK SAS PJ (as expected) and we got...nada! Nothing! Zero! Strike one! Yay to us! After dinner, went back to room, chatted and annoyed Amelia and slept.

Day 2
Managed to be first to wake up, around 06:20 and had shower. Breakfasted (excellent again) and went in for the opening ceremony. We were early and they started late and worst of all, Mr Alvin Bleh didn't allow me to sit with my president (Amelia) so I ended up next to Sweetie. I swear, if it wasn't for our casual chat and (well....) a little flirting, I'd ended up comatose. Either that or sulking and sending evil vibes to Mr Alvin Bleh non-stop. Oh, did I mention? He tried to herd us like goats. `Can you fill the empty sits in front? Do it now. Now. No time already. Go now. GO.' Geezers, whatever happened to `please' and `thank you'? Well, everything went well, banner marches and all, end of ceremony had a little time to freshen up for (yet another excellent) lunch. Went back to room with intention of bunking out and lazing around but we were hauled down for more seminars and we ended up in..(huh?) Leo members workshop. Can't they at least have something for out-going members instead? A talking and showing-off activity would be better then someone telling us how to communicate. Right after the seminar we went to the toilet and out and I was walking in front of my group towards the lifts when this tall security guy (with hands on waist) asking me quite, well, meanly `where are you going? you have activities in 15 minutes you know. you know you can't go anywhere.' I swear I tried to smile and say thank you. Even Amelia vouched for that. She can't read my face at all! She said my mouth twitched between smiling and frowning and then the guy got a little scared and said softly `what' and THAT set me off. I told him off that he don't have to ask us where are we going cos he don't have the right to and that he can just nicely inform us we have to be in the hall instead of herding us of. And then I turned away. Hmmph! The workshop was fine, though..something about cutting up magazines and using words or pictures to inspire you, work some meaning up, while all this music and songs like Westlife's I Have a Dream, `96 and `00 Olympic themes and all these inspirational songs' playing all the time. Finished mine superfast and went and sang loudly with the music with DU's president, Shu Jun. She looked so haggard and pitiful and worn. She was on security duty, meaning she was under (you named it) Mr Alvin Bleh. Thank God the activity ended and we went back to the room and showered, without too much enthusiasm, though. We're all getting really, really tired. Playing dress up is fun, though, with thick makeup and cleavage and gawking at other girls...there was a laser show during Banquet dinner and the food was okay, it wasn't up to the standard, being chinese food and all. Mr Alvin Bleh was already showing his lump of a face inside the hall room and I think I'm sadistic, having enjoyed telling him pointedly we don't need him because Cherie (another committee member) will escort us to our table. The laser show was darn good, especially when `Leo, better then ever!' flashed through the walls. We applaud not at the show, but at the sentence. So touching. Weren't really enjoying a dinner, more thoughtful of a friend in crisis, way distracted but during awards we won Outstanding President..Amelia! Kudos to our Lions and her...she was doing a really excellent and beautiful job taking reins of our (handful) club. This is for our club and her! After dinner was the fun part. Footloose! It wasn't clubbing, we weren't 18 anyway, but we danced like mad to bad techno music and outdated loud ones, tho! Whoever heard of dancing crazily to `Stand By Me'? We did it. Only got off when they stand the slow music (not for us) and went back to our room, dragging Shu Jun with us. This is the only time we spend moments od privacy together. Had long intimate chats and just being together, revelling in friendship considering there may be no more such times together and she only get back around 2 am. Later a committee member phoned us and asked us to pick up some instant noodles at the secretariat and we did and you know who we stumbled smack into? Yep. Mr Alvin Bleh. He asked us how many cups we want and I (greedily) said 6, cos I had in mind what's for breakfast already..those noodles! Oh, he went so nasty and with his annoying face said `you cannot be so selfish there's only enough for everyone and you can't take more'. Bastard. Oh alright, patience, patience. I'll take four. I was already annoyed when Amelia went and ask if there's sugar in the instant coffee mix! I felt like dragging her out of that room there and then! Sugar in instant coffee mix indeed...anywhere with Mr Alvin Bleh is a no-no. We packed our bags and luggage, Amelia and I, and we had a short tete-a-tete before I surrender to sleepiness.

Day 3
We were tired, right? Danced the night away...guessed what time we woke up? 08:40. What time's the closing ceremony? 09:00. 20 minutes to prepare and eat. And we made it. We were EARLY, heck. I did made a complain about respect being mutual during the complaints session after SMK SAS PJ complained about being named on the first day and there's when I found out the tall guy I snapped at yesterday was from KL Perennial, Jun Hoe's club. Opps. Got myself DG's badge for speaking up. And I respected Mervyn more when he agreed with us and say although the security did a great job (yes, I admit) their people-skills suck. Strike one to Mr Alvin Bleh. Nyek nyek nyek. After the closing ceremony, went back to room, cleaned everything up and shoved them into my bags and checked out. The Perennial guy offered to lug my heavy bag for me up the stairs and I was filled with remorse and sorriness...especially he didn't offer anyone else :( (Laugh!). Waited at the said stairs for the halls to open for lunch with Mervyn and our bored and sleepy faces, finally couldn't stand it and apologized to the Perennial fella (Kok How, or something, his name), and took pictures. Lunch was (yep!) excellent and after that we finally took our luggage and went to wait for taxis to take us to the station. The taxi overshot the station forcing us and our heavy luggage to take a 5-minute hike to the station to a train that leaves within 15 minutes. Boarded it and we were stuck in this kick station called Labu. Of all places to be stuck in, we get to do it in a place called Pumpkin. I fall asleep. Last thing I saw was Bangi, and the next came Salak South. Woke Sweetie up (he's even more asleep then I am), said bye to him and Rou Ping and went back to Kepong. Didn't get to go home, boo hoo hoo..had dinner in maternal grandma's house, fall asleep to the laughter of my aunts and uncles along with my 2-yr-old cousin, got back all exhausted around 10 pm and fall asleep without unpacking.

So, that's it. Leo Forum. I daresay I enjoyed last year's in Bukit Merah more. At least, being a Laketown resort, we had more places to walk and see and there WAS 1000 Leos as compared to 150 during this forum. Photos I'll post up after they're developed. G'night.

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A visitor made this comment,
i say, alvin bleh reminds me of a teacher from my former school. only thing is he looks like a menacing Doraemon. hahaha.
well pretty interesting to read back what u did in leo forum, nvr knew what is it b4 until u told me. and 4 goodness sake, dont try that footloose again. =P
all well ends well



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