Friday, March 16, 2007


2 Jun 2003 20:08
At the moment
Song: The Journey - 911
Mood: Impatient AND sleepy
Word: Anticipation
My brain is saying: Forum! I'm going to the forum in 11 hours and 30 minutes!
Time: 00:00

I have nothing to say.

Tiring day of cleaning, ironing and cleaning out my bedroom. See, Amelia..? I'm NOT a slob! No. Never.

Except this is the last blog of May, one month gone, barely noticed. Considering spending 3 weeks living on suspended dimension of slogging...

Yup. Forum in Seremban. Let the fun begin.

GooOoooOooOoooOOooo for it!!!


Countdown? This is it, bay-beh! Leo Forum 2003 District B1 Malaysia!

Yes. I'm excited. Sue me.

Oh fawk ICQ. I can't login.

A visitor made this comment,
WAHHH!!! i wanna go, i wanna gooooooo...why am i stuck here at home, writing comments for ppl's blog while you're out having fun!!! *sob!* lol. cant wait till wednesday
ah, will see ur idiotic face again
=P, hehehe.
gianne//insane nut

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