Friday, March 16, 2007


29 May 2003 00:27
At the moment
Song: One Week - Bare Naked Ladies
Mood: Tired but euphoric
Word: Yeah baby!
My brain is saying: Woo hoo! New clothes! New Clothes! New clothes!
Time: 22:52

Yesh! If only everyday is like today! Lemme see...lemme see. First order, wake up at 8 am (ungodly hour, but heck), did some household chores and went to KLCC!!! What did I do there?! OOOoooOooOoOhhhHHhhHH!!!!

Watched X-Men.
X2. X-men. Watched x-men.
-slurps- DAMn. Good. MovieEEee! Damn Damn Damn good.

I'll stop repeating myself. I watched x-men! HEY! I watched x-men! Fine, fine fine.

You know. After 11 gruelling days of exams that totally drain you, doing something as idle as watching a movie in a cinema with 6 of your friends is a blessing. And then while 5 went on to watch Matrix 2, me and dear Amelia went on a shopping spree. Yep, you heard it. Shopping spree. While I never lose anything on Matrix (I never finished the first movie. Neo diving up and down white rooms bore me, Keanu Reeves or no Keanu Reeves) so...heck.


Pui Yee got new shirt!
Pui Yee got new shirt!
Pui Yee got new shirt!
And Pui Yee got a skirt...!
*raps* Yo yo yo
Who'd believe?
Me, me, me,
Buying a skirt
Haven't had a proper skirt
Since, since,
Ninety nine...yo yo yo
Skirt! New skirt,
Me, new skirt...yo yo yo
RM 200 used
Pui Yee got new clothes!

Heh, so I suck.
Hey, spending RM 200 on 5 pieces of clothes, all 20% discounted is a big deal. We walked nearly 5 hours! I'm ecstatic.

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