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End of Exams

27 May 2003 23:08
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Song: Song of Liberty - P.Y.
Mood: Not quite headachy, not quite woozy..somewhere in between.
Word: Lousy
My brain is saying: Whack my head! Whack my head!
Time: 22:43

Yup. I just woke up from a 20 minute deep sleep...on the floor in the living room downstairs. Crashed right after dinner, and will just lie comatose there if not for a phone call from a sonovagan, announcing that our shopping plans is now brought foward 24 hours, i.e. Operation Clothes will now officially begin 1000 on 28052003 in Kepong LRT Station. For now, there's a tugging sensation behind my serebrum that's giving me a part woozy part headache sensation..not pleasant, can be cured with hours of uninterrupted sleep...except I choose to be online. Smart.

Finally. Exams is now over. That signifies the end of semester 1, Form 5 2003. The closing of a chapter of schooling...and closer to the truth..SPM and my future. Worst is, I felt empty, like a shell after the last paper, Chem III. It's as if the entire 11 days of nightmares, cramming and worrying took a toll on my brain cells. I wonder how many gazillion of it died in sacrifice of this exams. Poor cells.

I had my friend over just now, at first, to straighten out hair using amateur ka-chang, i.e. apparatus. It worked. Except both of us crashed on my bed like 2 dead animals. We're that tired and sleepy. Even the quality of our voices when we talk gives a gritty, sleepy, draggy sound...talking requires effort. Talked about everything and nothing...talked about forum, about future (once again), about life in general. Sort of like the periodic catching up you do sometimes.

What can I do? Journalism? Get out of school, get a degree and then if I can afford it, continue with Bachelor of Journalism..? Is that what I want? Seems logical..and linear. Seems the only one path for me, who's useless any other way...I do want to minor in psychology and language...hey, maybe I'll have novels out and YOU, my readers, will want my autographs! Maybe. Mass Comm.? Events management...advertising, all this seem very interesting. God, if only I know what I'll end up as 5 years down the road. I can see yet another what if coming up. Science is definitely and lingualistics...Yup. Spells my name. I'll give it many many nights of sleepless thoughts.

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