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11 May 2003 16:16
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My brain is saying: I'm not sarcastic. Yeah, right.

Hmm, that was it, my 17th birthday. I was hauled awake circa 10 am and told to do this housework to do that chore thoroughly cos we're expecting guests. Yes, m`am captain! Then I changed into my school uniform and went to, you named it, school. For what? It's a Saturday! Thank you for emphatizing. See, it was prize-giving ceremony day-whatever and I'm there to usher the guest of honour and get a crummy `Yeah. Thanks. Appreciated you help.' cert, which is a worthless piece of blank paper anyway. Dumb school. Stupid school. Dumb Pui Yee. Stupid Pui Yee. On top of that we weren't allowed to go home. I couldn't give a fawk. Even after 6, 7 SMSes on 1 bar of battery my handphone is still alive, so I shove that thing to my friend and he called his mom. Hitched a ride with him.

At around 1.30 am May 10, I switched my phone off cos of the low battery. I was extremely horrified when my mom's handphone rang loudly...because nobody will call her at 1.30 am and my call divert is on...diverting my calls to her handphone! Oh my God, when I heard her yell `PUI YEE?! Who is this calling Pui Yee in the middle of the night?!' or something to that effect...when she yelled for me to her room, I was already `uhh...uhh'-ing with trepidation and when I checked the number (from Johore), I rolled my eyes and burst out laughing. In between I told her it's a `net friend and she must've freaked him outta his wits. She half grinned, half frowned, relented and told me the fella went `...opps!' and cut the connection. I laughed some more and she ended up laughing as well. Phew.

Well, dinner was great, considering there were more then 5 cooks (mom, grandma, aunts) spoiling the broth and adding saliva into the food with their yak yak yak (kidding) and we had steamboat. MMMph. Plenty of leftovers, in fact, good! All the more to eat! My cake was really beautiful. Since my aunt failed in making a coffee cake, she told my uncle to buy one and I was worried, til I saw the name of the cakehouse, Bread to Brag in Desa Hartamas. Well, it wouldn't be too bad then. It was called chestnut cake and had Happy Mother's Day! and Happy Birthday! in it. Strange sight. I'll post it up after the photos are developed. It tasted strange, but heck, the fruits and choc made it up. After the last of my relatives went home, I ironed a lot of clothes...til past midnight. So much for studying! Half an hour of bio and I was literally yawning tears and gave up.

So, today. It's already gonna be 4 pm. Feed the dog, sweep floor. More bio. More BM lit. Cya.

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