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14 May 2003 08:45
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Song: Survivor - Destiny's Child
Mood: Liberated
Word: Freedom - underplayed word
My brain is saying: Yup, I'm a survivor.


5 papers (Chem II, Bio II, BM II, Add Math II and Eng II) down, 16 more to go, including the very redundant Physical Education paper, which is a joke. Annual joke. Heck. Let me emphasize why:

Question: Who is a F1 Formulae Champion?
Answer: a) Michael Schumacher
b) Nicol David
c) Ian Thorpe
d) David Beckham

Yes! THAT is a valid and therefore must-answer question! Everybody talk, copy each other and give no hoot about scoring nada. I am SO looking forward to that paper. Meanwhile, we're given (mercifully) 2 day break before battling 2 bio papers on Friday and 5 full days next week, and 2 more, the next. What a wonderful prospect, seeing nothing but ceaseless late-night oil-burning desperate comatose-inducing cramming for another 10 days. I crashed later then I wanted to, having mom coming home at 4 pm...when I was jolted awake in my own room (I remember distinctly falling asleep on the couch downstairs [!!]) it was already almost 9pm and I was having a terrible headache. Ah, the price to pay.

So. I was so tempted to get online because my evil friend went about telling me SHE went online and this person was on and that person was on. My hands so so itchy I nearly strangle my mom after she's been at it on the phone for nearly an hour. Here I am. So, ta.

Wish me luck! I need itttt!!!!

A visitor made this comment,
gooooooodddddd lucccckkkkk!
hahaha i completely understand how much luck u need for this kinda exam. so i'm channeling as much luck as i have to your bloody brain.
absolutely missed those times when i suffered from time deficiency cause of procrastination. ahhhh..... sweet days are over eh?

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