Friday, March 16, 2007

A lil treat!

14 May 2003 22:51
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My brain is saying: Photo time!

I have a treat for you people:

My editorial board!
My beloved editorial board!
(Pssst, THEY haven't seen it themselves! Mwahahahaha! Now, I'm gonna surprise my friend.)

Okay, well, today went to 1 Utama, and despite the SARS rumours, I assure you plenty of people still visit that place. Bloody packed. Mom in a good mood; she bought us Japanese lunch on top of Japanese dinner! And pretzels, cinnabon buns, juice...she's in a good mood.

Later there's chem tuition, but now, hi! Thanks, Seph! :)

During chemistry tuition, my teacher was talking about poisonous chemical compound, like Benzene and CCl 4. He said his collegue died of leg (?) cancer and brain cancer, soon after retirement. This is a morbid thought, one that'll lead you to say `..oh' saidly. Ironically, this fella who didn't even crack a smile when the teacher joke, LAUGHED at that story! How perverted can you be!? Just a thought.

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