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BRATs Post-mortem

11 Sep 2003
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Alright, first off, a moment of silence, please, for the victims of 9/11.

Secondly, yes, I know, it's been a while since I last blogged, and I DID promise to put in what happened. So I will. Read on.

(Warning: This is not journalistic style. I'm sure Farris will go on "I don't careeee" and "I don't need to knowwwww" if he reads this)

Uh. Somehow I don't feel like relaying much today. I'm too lazy, and too many people's online. Tomorrow? Safe to say that you guys MUST buy this Sunday's Sunday Star and read Ole BRATs :p.

Here's some photos:

Shu Yi, cK, Michelle, Tiara, Me and Sau Hun;
Before checking into hotel rooms.

Jessica, Sau Hun, cK, Me

Senior BRATs - Alvin, Mi Ki, Rachel & Pei Ming

Kiang Nam, Miu Kee, Delwyn, Yee Hui, Patrick;
Me, Kit Sze, Shu Yi
-at lobby on 2nd day waiting for bus to take us to charity homes

In ferry, during ride to Pangkor Island for Street Poll assignment

On ferry deck, group photo.

That's Ms. Goh in the middle, she's a journalist for Star Metro

Big sista, Rachel in Pangkor Jetty, on the way back to Lumut

After dinner on the 2nd night, waiting at the lobby for the conference
room door to open...

Heheh, isn't Alvin cuuUuute?? Awww....

Group photo in Diamond Home, Perak. The charity home we visited.

Ivy, also Metro Journalist in red shirt, I loved her famous lines:
"You all are 16 and above, please, NO sex! We don't need baby BRATs."

Last lunch togerther, so it's a bit sad, you can a lil regret on everybody's face..

Pei Ming in the middle.

For once this "Take it yourself" photo turn out okay, phew!

Strangle me Miu Kee, strangle me.
You said no Kazaa, not no blogs...bah ha ha ha

Time for those last minute photos...

The boys with Uncle Chua, the photographer, second from right.

Okay, this is the last photo from my rolo of film, so, farewell, Lumut...!

Additional: Mmm yeah if any of you BRATs want these photos, SMS me at 016 3675903, and I'll see if I can develop and mail them to you. Or else just rip them off la..but credit me if you want to post it up in the net.

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wow. nice. i want to apply for brats next year!!
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Oooh! You gave your number! Whee I can finally stalk you. :)
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