Monday, March 19, 2007


24 Nov 2004
Time: 22:38
Mood: Sleep-deprieved

Hello 'nette! Long time no see! I miss yah too!

Phew. After all-night marathon copying notes and studying for today's Management Studies midterm test which is scheduled at 6pm and starts at 6.30pm...whoever heard of exams starting at 6.30pm in the evening? Insanity. I'm pretty beat. And I ask for it so I won't complain too much...afterall, no such thing as no time to study, but procrastination took away most of the time, and there's nothing like last minute rush and all-nighters to put things back into, that I'm too old to pull all-nighters. I need my beauty sleep. Copying til 4.30am isn't fun and I will try never to ever do that ever again. Do I make sense?

Let's not make sense anyhow. I think...I think...I have a....a...crush on one of my lecturers! *gasp!* He teaches....well he don't teach, rather, he supervises my class' computer programming practicals, he's waaaay young (as in, 24, 25 years old young), he's short (taller than me, still. No guy is shorter than me. NO guy!), dark, cute and *grins foolishly* since he's obviously Chinese-ed, pronounces English badly. But he's cute! And endearing! And I haven't had crushes for ages! And I've embarassed myself in front of him many times since I'm a donkey in front of him...and he has a knack of pronouncing names the worst way possible! My poor friend Priya had her name pronounced as Ph-raya! You know, as in Chao Phraya, Thailand's longest river? Marilyn is pronounced the Malay way Maaaaa-rilin (as in mama)...but he's so cute! He. Is. So. Cute.

My God! I have a crush on a lecturer when I'm surrounded by college guys. What the hey...
But....he's just so cute!

Uhm. Okay. I'll shut up. ...Maybe I should bring my digital camera to class...hmmmm....

Jun Hoe made this comment,
Ooh, crushes! Hehe. Don't fret it, crushes can develop on the unlikeliest person at the most inappropriate time. But one thing's for sure, as long as you recognise it as a crush and not seriously making wedding plans, it's alright. Hehe, remember the one I told you about that I really need to get my mind off? ; )

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