Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Different path?

10 May 2005
Time: 01:35

Sometimes, I wonder, should I have taken a different path? I wish I did. Give myself more options than I have right now. It seems too rash right now that I jumped straight into an internal pre-u programme that leads to a limited choice of options. For instance I did not discover I have a knack for Economics (albeit it was just a unit of Principles of Economics) until I took one semester of it.

I did not realise I love the term "elasticity" so much and think about it constantly. Like you know, petrol is demand inelastic that is why even with the price rise that seemed to happen every other month, petrol still sells, dammit. It's so elementary though.

Its still nagging me months and months later I couldn't go in depth on economics. Am I regretting now? God. I might be. I don't know where to put the blame for this one-track thought - good writing skills? Go for mass comm! - because in school I was in a stream that was unbearably, decidedly not me in the least, Science stream. Why did I even take pure science then? Could I not have gotten into Commerce? True I get Accounting as well, but I'm sure it'd be ok anyways. I could have taken my Principles in Economics then, with Commerce, and hell, I think I'll get better results in SPM had I taken them instead of Physics and Chemistry. But. How could I have known!? I was young, naive, with the herd-mentality and not too well-informed in the options I had!

I should have taken A-Levels. I regret shit now. I didn't explore every option I had. Why didn't I think of economics then? One-stupid-sided brain of mine! Now I'm already bulldozed into Journalism. Unless I overlook the one year I spent on my pre-u and retake A-levels and see how much I actually like Economics (their syllabus is much more in depth than what I've learnt) but...sanely, practically, no way I'd do that.

Tsk. I hope it's not a regret I'm carrying for too long.

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