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31 Dec 2004
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I know it's been days and I have said very little about it, but I've been glued to BBC and CNN for the past 3 or 4 days (watching repetitions, they love repeating the same things every 15 minutes, don't they?) watching, watching, watching news about the earthquake and tsunami disaster.

We Malaysians are really lucky. We all learnt in Form 1 Geography that the peninsular Malaysia is protected by Sumatra and free from natural disasters like tornados, quakes, volcano eruptions and such. But it really hit home when people of the island next door perished in the tens of thousands and us, barely 100. Still, 100 people. Statistics is so cold and meaningless, I had to conjure images of 100 people in my lecture hall, all dead. 13 000 students of my college, all dead. All became corpses, rotting in stale sea water, mass buried without ever being identified. Lonliness, anguish, confusion and the pain of dying and watching the dead. We are so lucky we are spared that tens of thousands times over. Thailand lost so many. Sri Lanka. Aceh. Even Somalia and Kenya in Africa. My God. Africa.

War kill so many, human are capable of much, much horror. Yet, when nature unleashes its fury, it proves itself to be greater, bigger and harsher. Its not time to delve and such, more can be done if we could just help out in one way of other. Talk, talk, talk is cheap. Yet there's no more I can do than donate what I can. Helplessly watching humanity being tested.

How fragile is life indeed. What a pity. My condolences to all victims. The dead must be buried. The destroyed must be rebuilt. The surviviors must be helped and insulated from more pain from epidemic and starvation. Help, world, help them, do.

The Beastly Man made this comment,
I too am watching the BBC and going along to the website and hoping that no one else has died yet the death toll keeps increasing. It truly is terrible. I don't know what else to say. I can't imagine or even comprehend the level of human suffering that is occurring because of this. My heart goes out to everyone involved.
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A visitor made this comment,
hey... yea, it's sooo sad that the tsunami caused so many people killed. So far, it's 125,000 people dead..and those who are still missing are not counted. I really pity those who went through so much for the past few days.. my deepest condolonces to them...

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