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1 Jul 2003 23:33
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Ladies and gentlemen, I survived.

Okay, first off, a really big thanks to Tiara, for her comment AND her kindness...she's like, the first ever to jot down something who's not my friends...thanks again, Tiara!

It didn't went so bad...I told mom to go to lil bro's classroom before mine, while I hangout in the front gates with the rest of the Form 4 and Lower 6 calm down and get some last laughs...and then when we're in my class waiting for the teacher to be free, I told her at the last possible moment how many subjects I truly failed.

Surprise, surprise. I garnered one extra pass instead of a fail. I was kinda...shocked. And happy. It's only a pass, but hey, a pass is good for someone who failed last semester and more...gee, Pui Yee, I guess you've gone to the rocks and appreciate the finer things in life I'm talking to myself. What's it called again? Mono-something? Monodialogue? Search me.

Today all probate prefects had to wear blue uniforms instead of normal white shirts. I look at them, I look at my juniors, and I thought with all the problems, the heartaches, the issues our batch went through last year (as the Chinese saying goes, the story is longer than a measure of cloth), it really took us a lot of sacrifices, a lot of tolerance and a lot of painful acceptance to arrive to what we are today, semi-winners. No Lower 6 prefects to take up the highest posts, 100% controlled by teachers, threatened and forced to bow to the authorities, no guidance, no trust, no camaraderie...The unrest was only to our batch (thank God), we manage to put our differences aside enough and lower 6 prefects exist this year and our juniors will embrace our posts once we relinquish them, without a hitch, I hope. The politics is a really dirty place. If school prefect politics can be this nasty, I dread to even imagine the corporate world's. Anyway. A lot of the new-blue-bies look so handsome, so immaculate, so segak, so yau ying, I felt so proud we're a *family unit* and that I have the chance to know such a wonderful batch of juniors. They all look so happy, so carefree, so...fresh, and I felt a tinge because that's what we were until politics came about. Whatever it is, I'll miss them all very very much when my batch retire next month and heck. I bought film for photos just for reminiscence's sake.

Sharmin DC made this comment,
hey,nice blog man!
lmao,very interesting
dunno bout the potter book still at chapter 4 and struggling to come to a conclusion that the first few chapters suck

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A visitor made this comment,
well what did i tell ya? u need not worry that much. expect the worst out of something and at times, something the opposite will happen. now to prove my point look at your case. nice.
anyway politics... ah... been missing them since entering college. my life is fill with bitter and sweet political dilemma, from the mountain water to the drain water. like what u said, first it was carefree and fresh (mountain water) and when stained with politics you get drain water.

well thats life.



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