Friday, March 16, 2007


4 May 2003 23:28
At the moment
Song: You changed - Michael Wong
Mood: Previously drowsy, now pissed.
Word: Fawk - derieved from you-know-which-word
My brain is saying: Maybe that cuppa coffee is a mistake..?

THAT's it! THIRD time the page refreshed while I'm typing away. WHAT'S wrong with this bloody computer?!

I SAID, I'm tired, drowsy and ready to read or fall asleep any moment, with the condition of air-conditioned confines. But I have Chemistry, Form 4 in my hands and I'm going through Electrochemistry, albeit briefly. Amcorp Mall can be boring, unless there's clients that keeps your mom busy.

I like it when clients over estimate my age to, ah, college aged. They do treat you with more respect, like an adult, compared to ah, my brother.

Oh, yah. Collected my money, all RM 323.84 of it. Did I say my money? It's actually my Leo Club's money, from a carnival held in March. 300% price hike up for ice blended fruits drink, made a good sum, something my mom don't even get in a week. Thanks, Jun Hoe and John Paul, although I clearly know he do not read this.

It's strange, some people who don't top up their phone credit when it's obviously bone dry. Maybe they ran outta money, maybe they zapped it with, ah, unnecessary phone calls. Whatever. Maybe they have better reasons then that...

Coffee. I detest coffee. The smell, the taste, the essence of it. The cups of coffee I drink in a year can be calculated with fingers from maybe one hand. That includes ice blended coffee, too. But I've downed 2 cups of it (good stuff, Ipoh White Coffee), one cup yesterday and one today. I fall asleep with no difficulties yesterday, but I'm paranoid today. Wish me luck. I need sleep. I have school tomorrow!

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