Friday, March 16, 2007

Test drive

6 May 2003 16:22
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Mood: Anticipating
Word: Colossus - important or huge (in matter or size)
My brain is saying: Why am I doing this?

Okay, let's see if this one works...

Oh good! It worked! At last! After about 5 trials, 2 bouts of computer hanging and 30 minutes later...Now, some adjustments and reductions. Done..?

This is like, a photo of 2/3 folks of my class. If you can guess which is me...tell me. If you can't, tell me. Tip: I'm odd one out. And nope, I'm not the one lying down on the desk, mind you.

Well, just playing around. Credit goes to Gianne, both for teaching me to link and insert pic (not to mention when I don't get her and got frustrated, I just click on Properties in her blog).

A visitor made this comment,
Hey!No fair!I wanna know how to do that too!And you're gonna teach me.

A visitor made this comment,
...blardy! lol. hey, why being an avid sock-changer (aka the time u change ur layout!)??!??
i'm supposed to be the one! ooh yes, good luck in ur exams. did pretty pokay in my bm today... but for kertas 1, i got so syok cuz can answer the question and ended up not finishing it. joy, man, joy. look forward to the holidays, maybe can gather or summat!
hippo/gianne []

A visitor made this comment,
why bengkok one the photo?

jackson yeoh made this comment,
i know your that black dressed girl whos sitting in the middle!
wow pui yee, u've grown so much in few weeks!

A visitor made this comment,
[relinquishing my title as hippo for the mo']
hobbit, you're so buta la you! that's the teacher ya twit! py's behind on the right side of the teacher! as a bangang pengawas =P! hehe. hope i'm right. or else, malu onli.

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