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8 May 2003 15:08
At the moment
Song: Rain, rain, don't come today..!
Mood: Feverish
Word: Paranoia
My brain is saying: houuu yeeeeet aaaahh...

Translation? Very hottttt....and I meant the weather! The temp outside must be over 38 d celcius. Am I exaggerating? Nope. Hope it stays though, today is flea market day. Raining flea market is no fun, trust me on that.

Oh by the way, that lil photo was a hit, I can see that. 5 comments for a single blog. THAT is some sort of acheivement. And it struck me, damn! Sewjin got what he wanted for a long long time.. my mugshot! I remember when he (and his pal tintin) persisted but I desisted. Now it's volunteeringly given. Shit. Oh, by the way, blame the photographer. The photo was already tilted. None of my doing! Yup, Gianne, I would kill you if you can't recognize your old pal. That's my add math teacher, by the way. You know, I wonder what will my classmates think, their pic posted across the net by me must be the last thing on their mind.

Well, exam fever set in already. Faster then you can say `ass-aye-are-ass?'. Today was Chem paper 2...and I think I flunked. I can't even answer the very first question. Instead of alkaline metal, I answered halogen for the heck of it. I know it's wrong. But seeing something is better then seeing blank. For me, anyway.

Last two nights was bad. Apart from forcing myself to hold up til at least 2.30 am reading chem up, my bro made a racket watching Real Madrid vs Juventus and another match, which I never bothered to care to ask.

Well, the truth is out. I got myself an appreciation cert. No distinction cert for my performance as a prefect. Once again I wonder why did I stuck to it when so many opted out. Just a few days ago during recess I made a comment about one of my fellow prefect who sweated all over and talked in such anger and was so pissed off because of what a student did (to him) it's almost funny except we all get that too, a lot. For the love of God, who the hell in the world like being yelled to first thing Monday morning? Just because we have to herd you people to assembly, does not make us dogs. In fact, I felt like telling them THEY acted like sheeps, have to kick, push and shove them to what they know is a weekly tradition. Yeah, yeah. I wasn't exactly angelic. Outside, people thought I'm a strict unsmiling prefect (Cripes! I hate being labelled `too serious'). But behind closed doors I get ranted on regularly for not writing down names, not agreeing with some policy and for being, well, not hostile, but almost. So, I guess I've paid the price. Am I mad or what, sacrificing my time, energy, image, ideals, friendships to get a blue uniform and a lousy cert saying `uh, yeah, we appreciated your help'. Jaded, exhausted (mentally) us have only 2 more months to stand it. I guess it'll be survivable. What did I learn as a prefect? Well, there's no such thing as `be of service to my beloved school, assisting in keeping discipline in check and be a good leader for the student body'. No, sirree, it's all about politics. To survive, you have to do a lot of bo-sa-te-ing. That's a slang for kaki ampu. Forgot the word in English. Unfortunately, I'm not one to go against my ethics and do what I know is not...right. Oh fawk.

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