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Mind matters

4 May 2003 01:15
At the moment
Song: --
Mood: Chasing after blood
Word: M-O-N-E-Y
My brain is saying: Gotta get the bloody cash tomorrow

So. Woke up at 10am to the musical sound of my neighbour renovating their precious home (actually, they demolished the entire house).
After breakfast, commanding officer aka mum demand that i sweep, mop and wipe the entire house.
As a treat, went to nearby shopping complex for a much-needed haircut and grocery shopping.
Of course, the highlight of the day, came home, watched tv and witness it pop. That's it. RIP, TV.
After dinner, studied bio.
And to cap this exciting day off, ironed 4 sets of school uniform, some other clothings and now I am so drenched in sweat.

And THAT sums up this very progresive day.

Next! I changed my mind. I'm not crushless afterall. I now declare I have it for Utt, as in Utt, VJ of MTV Jam, Bangkok. He's SO. DAMN. CUTE. I've always known that, but after going to his site yesterday night, it's a confirmed fact. Utt! UTT!


Okay, back to something I meant to write few days ago but kept putting off. In the span of one month, 2 schoolmates I barely know came to me and told me I think too much. Yeah, sure, you might be proud you're a thinker. But when someone told you that, it seems like it's bad..and maybe it is, from a certain point. Being too serious and not having fun is just, well, no fun. This is 2 guys whom I talked to sometimes and only for official things like magazine contributions and advice for running a club. I don't like to think myself as jaded at 17 (and I WILL be 17 on the 10th), but if things go on this way, there's no other way. I so need fresh environment, fresh people, fresh perspective and of course, problem-free (is there such thing?). I need stimulation. School, life, it's a little stale at the moment. And I'm not the kind sitting around waiting for things to happen. Things happen, and it's not always the way you want it to. But heck, I hear you. I AM an ungrateful bitch. Sue me.

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