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Facts 101

12 Jan 2004
At the moment
Song: Hold On - Charlotte..something
Mood: Bored
What I had last: Nasi lemak
My brain is saying: I'm numb (as in my brain)
Time: 02:05
Wishlist: Olympus M[mju:]400 Digital Camera or Kodak Easy Share. I really really really need this current one worked like Stone Age and if anyone have RM1k+ to spare...

Yeah, too much time to kill, too little things to do...

01. Your Name?
Pui Yee

02. Does your name has a meaning?
Uhm. I'm sure it does...somehow. Have to consult those Chinese-lit educated people.

03. Where are you now?
One step closer to quitting this questionaire.

04. Fave color?
Lime green + bright orange
...all shades of pastels.

05. Fave food?
Hakka food.

06. Fave drink?
Uh. Juices...all except those weird fusions and veg drinks...

07. Fave snack?
Tortilla chips.

08. Fave musician?
Alamak. I don't know any. At least not anymore.

09. Fave song?
One Moment in Time - Whitney Houston

10. Fave sport?

11. Fave subject?

12. Coke or Pepsi?

13. Red meat or white meat?
Meat is essentially protein and lipid. So?

14. Pizza or Donuts?
Pizza. With a capital P.

15. Laptop or Desktop?
Laptop...don't own one, yet.

16. Movies or Computers?

17. Shakespeare or Harry Potter?
Yuh. Potter la of course. At least I understand and fully comprehand the text.

18. Cold Weather or Hot Weather?
Cold cold cold cold.

22. Contacts or Glasses?
Contacts. Been wearing them since 13.

23. Are u a huggy person?
Well. Don't expect me to hug strangers. Or anyone I don't know well.

24. Would u consider urself as a negative or positive thinker?
I'm a pessimistic optimist.

25. Do u like cartoons?
Uh. Uh. When I was a kid...

26. R u planning on learning something soon?
Like what? How to fry fish without skinning them or multilating them? This one needs cook fu.

27. If you look out of the closest window 2 u...?
Neighbour's window...which incidentally beep out an occasional ICQ's "uh oh"

28. R u wearing short pants or long pants right
Shorts. In sleeping gear. See the wonders of internet? No need to dress up.

29. Ever been on stage?
Heck. I lost count of how many times.

30. Most embarassing fact?
Uh. When I was about 3 and went with family to Singapore by flight, during landing I yelled "Plane's crashing! It's blowing up! It's blowing up!!!"

31. What's ur dream car?
Honey, right now I dream of owning a car. ANY car!

32. Childhood hero?
Ronald MacDonald.

33. Ever watched a concert?

34. Phone or Online?
Phone. Save typing time, can talk, express emotions, more personal, more real.

35. Believe in Santa?
Uh. No.

36. Would u rather be Rich or Smart?
What's a smartie pie gonna do with no cash? Be a wise man? Def $$$!

37. Allergic to anything?
Yeah. You.

38. Fave day of the week?

39. Do u have any enemies?
I don't know. I know. Yeah.

40. Do u have boyfriend/girlfriend?
I'm heterosexual, incidentally, and no.

41. In crush with someone?
VJ Utt counts? If not, well, no.

42. Do u believe in love in 1st sight?
Love at first sight is notoriously based on physique and superficial reasons.

43. Any friends outside your origin country?
Online? Yeah.

44. Ur greatest fear?

45. Believe in Adam & Eve?

46. The last thing u cried over?
No sympathies when I poked my finger for the upteenth time and it bled.

47. How old do u wanna be when u get married?
2...8? 28. Yeah.

47. Where do u wanna spend ur honeymoon?
Mabul Island. Hahaha. An island paradise...imagine Jamaica, Carribean, Mediterranean...whoaaa...

48. Do u wanna have kids?
Horror! Eeek. Brats, all of 'em.

49. What do u want ur wedding color 2 be?
Hmm. White, with lots of purple wild flowers and ...gawd! This is too faraway to imagine.

50. Pro- Abortion?
No comment.

51. Do u mind gay people?
As long as they don't kiss in front of me. It's the 21st century.

52. Do u sing in d shower?
No. Cos my neighbour does and...he sounds like a wailing sick dog.

54. Digital or Manual Camera?
Manual. Film la! All cameras are manual. You think car?

55. Movie that makes u cry?
Sad ones. Some on Hallmark. Not LOTR. LOTR is only a fantasy.

56.Last movie u watch?
For Hope on Hallmark. Don't even have time for tv these days.

57. Last Childish Movie u watch?
Brother Bear, a lil boring but okay la, considering it's 2D and all.

58. Movies you've watched the most (incidentally or accidentally)?

59. Fave movie?
Homeless to Harvard.

60. Visual Art or Music?

61. Weirdest stuff u've ever eaten?

62. Do you have pets?

63 Who cleans your room?
Me la! Who else?

64. Most useful software ever invented?
Software? Alamak. The idiot box?

65. Ever met an inventor?
No idea.

66. Believe in zodiac (any kinds)?
Just nice reading them and exclaim "No!"

67. Zeus (Hercules's Dad)
Is in Greek Philosophy.

68. Xmas or Xin Cia?
What the heck is the latter?

69. Ever met a president?
Plenty. Presidents of school clubs, this organisation, that organisation...

70. Ever met someone in the government?
Huh? Duh.

71. Natural/ Artificial?
Au naturae, dear.

72. CD/ USB mass storage?
Tech-blind, I am. USB port..?

73. How much is the RAM capacity of the comp ur using right now?

74. Do u know how to change the oil of a car?
Think so.

75. Do u know how rockets work?
Yeah. With this force and that impulse and this inertia and that mementum and lift force crap.

76. Are you a shy-kind of person?
Blech. Yeah.

77. Fave animal?

78. Fave Plant?
Lilies cos they're sweet, elegant and simple.

79. Don't cheat! Do u know what is the temperature where water is at its densest point?
4 degree celcius, or else the whole body will freeze.

80. Would u consider urself 2 be a techno-nerd or shopaholic-funky person?

81. Starbucks or CoffeeBean&TeaLeaves?

82. Ice cream or Sherbet?
Ice cream.
83. Fixing Electronics or Cooking?
Cooking. By far more enjoyable.

84. BSB or *N sync?
Backstreet Boys !

85. Christina or Britney?
Can I say eeeu? What, they can't both afford more cloth on their pathetic bodies? And what's with the marriage-gimmick?

86. Fave season?

87. Do u write songs/poems?
Poems. But. Not. For. An. Audience.

88. Do u believe in the belief that '8' is lucky?
'8' is plain kaypoh-chi busybody.

89. Disney or Warner Bros.?

90. What do u think of World War I?
Er. It's much contained in Europe and...something. Don't know too much.

91. Are u a neat freak?
I can give you a guided tour of my room :). To navigate through the landmines.

92. The dryest joke u ever heard?
"So do you think cacti in Sahara are thirsty?"
Sorry, I made that up.

93. Do u dance?

94. Ever do slow-dance w/ a person with the
opposite sex?

95. Which part of ur body do u think is d most attractive?
My brain.

96. McDonalds or KFC?
McD, I'm lovin' it. I'm sick of fast food.

97. Orange Juice or Apple Juice?

98. Do u prefer skim, 1%, 2%, or whole milk?
Whole, and only in my cornflakes.

99. Who sent this to u?
I stole this from Amelia who stole it from Phan Shean who stole it from Karen.

101. Any message?
This is stupid. Sorry for wasting your time.

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