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21 Jan 2004
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Song: CNY Carols. Songs. Whatever.
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My brain is saying: *sigh* Jan passes by me slowwwly.
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Wishlist: Olympus M[mju:]400 Digital Camera or Kodak Easy Share. I really really really need this current one worked like Stone Age and if anyone have RM1k+ to spare...

I noticed I neglected something. I'm working.

That should explain the lack of blogging. Or rather, the effort of it. Even now I'm dragging my fingers onto the keyboard, mumbling something about people getting on my case for not blogging.

Believe me, if I can dictate my blogs from my workplace using ESP or innate psychic powers, I'd do that. Especially when I want to rant and complain about the customers.

My workplace is situated in a local "townie" neighbourhood - my neighbourhood, to be exact. Sales assistant is specifically my job. I sell potted auspicious plants for the Chinese New Year obviously, and the hours are merciless - 10.30 am to 10 pm. Almost 12 hours. The clits, opps, clients made it worst. They want good things at cheap prices and even something in a plastic pot which cost around RM9, they want to haggle til we reach the RM7 mark, whereby I'll smile and tell them no.

My job basically consist of head-shaking and explaining that we never did hike up prices therefore bargaining is out of order. Maybe for RM49.90, I can pull it to RM48. But RM40? Forget about it. We're just not that desperate. But this whole fiasco is a bad investment. Every night we did accounts, we only hope to cover up the day's rental and food. Our long-standing joke is, we made RM40 this one day last week - clean profit. The highest score. And that is absolutely stupid.

I waste 4 weeks of my precious life wilting and getting dehydrated skin in the lower ground level of a supermarket trying to deal minimally with lower-income crowd who thought we all owe them to reduce prices. One of these days I'm going to yell "free! Free! Take! No need to bargain! FREE!". The worst part is probably I'm there alone, fending my own and making "friends" with neighbouring stalls. Sometimes the accompanied silence and moans do help. Characters are colourful. And the security guard is fascinating. See, I worked there already maybe 20 days, and our communication is strictly smile-raise hand-smile. He's too silent, while the Sabahan boy selling phones/related is too talkative.

And people is amazed I can speak English, not Engrish. Adults came up to me asking how to spell "ferever" and "ditry", I mean, "forever" and "dirty".

And the dude selling watches next stall didn't understand when a foreigner asked him where in the supermarket do they stock "cold soft drinks". He didn't understand the 'soft drink' part, apparently.


That's the only pathetic content I can drag my brain and fingers to co-operate and motor out. I'm just waiting to go downstairs and watch reruns of today's anything that I missed while having a hoobaloo.

Thank God tomorrow "boss" decide we work only half a day. Then reunion dinner at Grandma's.

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone.

Get ang paos fatter and bulkier than me, yah.

Delwyn Lee made this comment,
...such a filial daughter
proud of u la girl
u have my utmost respect here
12 hours a day nary a

last time (for me) more than 8 hours w/o OT n yours truly will represent the mob and threaten our manager by writing love letters to the labour department

remember the comparing to the rich kids?
sucks huh *sigh*
but try n be proud la cuz we'll be "hardier" than them (i'll 'elaborate' sometime heh)
but u have my miserability and sym-patheticness for accompaniment too
dun worry

sorry I cant think of anything nice or inspirational or philosophical to say tonight but i understand how u're feeling n i think u get wat i m trying to say right?

hang in there la
dare not ask u to enjoy urself
but treat it as erm,er,eh, being filial to ur mom lor

"misery loves company" heh

take care
n Happy CNY btw

A visitor made this comment,
Where do you work? I might stop by. Friend friend ah! Give discount ah! Give MORE discount ah!
Albert Ng []

Thomas A. Anderson made this comment,
Hey, thanx for bothering to stop by at my blog! ;) Just wanted to say, hey, hang in there! I know exactly how you feel. Once, I worked at Giant Hypermarket as a cashier (didn't curi any money lah!) and the hours were a torture! Also, my hands will always smell like fish/vege/etc after a day's work. Haha, thank god I'm free now!

A visitor made this comment,
wow!! reading this blog entry really gave me giggles..hehe

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