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23 Nov 2003
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My brain is saying: Wow, it's already 4 days after SPM.
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Wishlist: Olympus M[mju:]400 Digital Camera or Kodak Easy Share. I really really really need this current one worked like Stone Age and if anyone have RM1k+ to spare...

4 days, countless online hours, 2 trips to KLCC and a few new secondhand novels later, this is where I am.

I've yet to clean my room out. I cleaned and dusted it 2 weeks ago and it resembles a typhoon after a few days anyway. Reference books everywhere, unmade bed, dirty and clean laundry, easy chair, folded rug, doors of wardrobe open...I'm not sure if I wanna mention more. It's like displaying dirty linen to public. I've also yet to clear out all my books and school bags and stationery and now-very-useless-worksheets near the shoe cabinet downstairs. Remnants of school life. Wow. I can actually say that.

It hit me: I'm never going back. I've decided, I think, that Form 6 I will NOT go. I've seen all the advertisments and announcement of college open days - they all seem to love the same day: 30 Nov. I want to visit Taylor's, Sunway, TARC, UTAR, Limkokwing and maybe HELP.

And I'm really deliberating on Law and Journalism. There's a good, affordable one in TARC for Journalism - I take their Pre-U Journalism for 3 semesters and go on to UTAR for a Bachelor of Journalism. Or Advertisement. And the tuition fees won't kill my mom. OR I go for A-Levels in TARC and eventually a Law School, but where? And Law isn't exactly easy. Countless, thick textbooks; exams; years of memorizing all those laws and develop speaking skills and this and that and...and....ugh. Plus it's also bloody expensive to read Law. I've seen the syllabus for Pre-J, and it wasn't terrible. Sure, there was Pendidikan Moral and History of Islam AGAIN, but it's only a sem each. Plus I get English and Communicating in BM, of which, I'll, ahem, prolly enjoy very much. If I can follow my heart, I'll take up Philosophy for sure, except, gee, there's NOwhere in Malaysia offering Philosophy as a major or minor. Heck, there's no such programme here, period. I was telling someone last night, I'm dead interested in the human nature, thoughts, actions and consequences. In fact I'm the sort who can spend hours in a crowded place people-watching. It's an interesting sport, being a spectator, kinda like those obssessed with 22 idiots chasing 1 latex globe and get paid for it. Well, I don't get paid, but my mind gain rich insights, so it's the same, right? Right.

But Law....nevermind. I have plenty time to wonder. And it's only 4 days later, for God's sake.

And I'm also looking for a job, preferably as a telemarkerter, a clerk or something, not a sales promoter. I need RM500-RM1000 permonth. Maybe sale assistant...but no bussing tables! I know, I know, beggars can't be choosers, but absolutely no bussing tables. Can't stand oil, grease and stench. Hopefully nearby too. I don't HAVE a car.

You know, this song describes us best:

Time of Your Life - Greenday

Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road
Time grabs you by the wrists, directs you where to go
So make the best of this test and don't ask why
It's not a question but a lesson learnt in time

It's something unpredicatable but in the end it's right
I hope you had the time of your life

So take the photographs and stillframes in your mind
Hang in on a shelf of good health and good time
Tattoos of memories and dead skin on trial
For what it's worth, it was worth all the while

It's something unpredictable, but in the end it's right
I hope you had the time of your life.

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Pui Yee,
If you're on a tight budget for your studies, you might want to strike out LUCT - the fees are phenomenal (heck, I used to study there, I should know). Your best choices in terms of popularity, recognition and etc - if you are thinking of a 3+0 - would be Taylors. Church friend is studying under their communications programs. So far he's got nothing bad to say about it...everything's thumbsup.

I had a friend/acquaintance who's in the final semester at HELP. She tells me that the program is too general and that it's not really in demand as in perse. It's just a degree with no real specialised subjects like journalism and etc.

For added value, ask colleges what exactly does your degree/cert says? Does it say BA in Mass Communication (Journalism) or just BA in Mass Communication. Coz that itself, makes a whole lot of difference.

Hope this helps. Sorry KDU doesn't have 3+0 programs. Their degree program is a 2+1 with Murdoch University. Subject-wise? Pretty impressive if you ask me. Better than LUCT (if they have yet to change their subjects).

Ohyes, I recently changed my blog. It's no longer under blog city (I have not updated the old one). The new one is at this address:

Don't forget to update your link! And gimme a holler when you're free...

Cheers, Mabel.


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yo woman, did you call up Q-DEES yet? Hah, my parents are pestering me to get another job cause they don't want me 'lazying arround the house' hah, yea..whatever..parents are weird sometimes. They want you to stay at home, yet they want you out from the house-work!!!
Anyways, glad to hear that you're interested in journalism..i mean..that's what that brought us together right? I mean, to be a journalist? Well, i am too.. i was thinking of KDU, girl..let me know which college you think it's best for the course. Take care.
michelle chong []

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ehem. *cough*
you know... you dont have to rush around worrying about college... yet. for goodness sake, you just finish spm and slacking off prolly is the only thing you should do. oh yes and working. work here and there get some money. you've been saying loads about philosophy. hell dun worry about it. study whatever you can here first than when you go overseas the option will open up to you. if you have a dream, dont worry about not having an option. you have to work your way there. you get the drift.

one piece of advice.. not pretty pleasant though. if you ever consider of coming to luct, think of it from a social point of view not financial. i'm suffering from feeling out of place already. ever since i started, i've always been wondering ways to make me look better, spending money on clothes and accessories and later prolly on hair just to make myself fit into the norm there. and the students studying mass com there is the snobbish of all breed student. i had a friend in mass com and she really hates her so called 'pretty and prissy' class mates. they think highly of themselves and will not let down their pride or ego. urgh... really makes me sick on my stomach. and the school has this pattern on how you should dress and how you should look... its like a propaganda spread there. heck my friends even complain on how TARC student or MMU student dress. complained no sense of fashion. sigh.

well if you can take that kind of social insecurities stalking you daily come to luct. anyway its not my choice since the beginning but heck you know what happen.

good luck then in your selection.



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I might see you around on Dec 6 - that's KDU's open day. :) I'm lecturing under their mass comm program (Murdoch). Kekekeke.

Anyways, Seph, I see not much as changed since I left LUCT. It was like that when I was studying there - the pressure to conform and mingle around is there. Nevertheless, I was lucky. I am not the least influential type around - I dress how I want to and I couldn't care less about my more snobbish college mates.

What matters is your goals and priorities there. If you're there to get your degree, go ahead and do it. Strive for it. Your confidence and abilities will attract more down-to-earth companions who are seeking the same things as you are.

I never gave a two hoots about the dressing at college - so long as I was decent. I made some great friends there - people who had a love for their studies like I had - and I befriended all my lecturers who felt like me as well.

In the end, what matters is what you think and how you can stand up for your beliefs. Not other peoples. Besides, who are you living your life for?


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nice blog :)

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ur 1st name is mabel??
how cool

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