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Laziness catching up on me

29 Nov 2003
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Taking a deeeeeeep breath....

See, I hate blogging after 00:00 of any day. Cos officially it's already the next day, but for me, it's still the same day. And what if I want to blog tomorrow today during daylight? Am I confusing you yet?

Anyway there's not much change after my last blog. Or is there? Okay, sure, in the 5 days after SPM, I manage to make 3 trips to KLCC. Makes you wonder why I always call it my 2nd home, eh?

Oh yeah, pardon me if I write fragmented sentences or if I don't make sense. My bro is watching football and it's LOUD. It's very loud. It's so loud. Loud. Bang loud. Argh! I can't hear myself think.


My 3rd trip was most memorable...of course, graced by the presence of, who else, but Jun Hoe? It starts this way: Amelia and I arrived in KLCC around 1pm and proceeded directly to Kinokuniya and I bought Sophie's World there. RM 23.90, pretty reasonable price. And then we went up to the cafe in Kinokuniya and chatted and waited and read until Jun Hoe arrived. I'll vouch one thing about him: he can TALK. Non-stop. I remember we talked about Harry Potter, Form 6, music, SPM, STPM, BRATs, and oh. SMSes. Ahem. A lot of SMSes. From *Smirks* Then we watched Brother Bear.

My rating:
The music was nice, considering it's Phil Collins, but nothing special. Nothing I wanted to sing along with. The graphics...well. After Monsters Inc. and Finding Nemo, it seemed poor. The storyline was way, way predictable, with just one twist in the end. But all in all it was alright la. Nothing I'll wanna watch again. Like a fusion of Pocahontas and The Lion King minus the enchantment of the former and grandeur of the latter.

Amelia was bored with it. Jun Hoe was bored with it. I was more interested in watching the both of them than the screen. They both do different things when forced to be silent and bored. Very interesting. Boy, was I glad it was over. Jun Hoe treated us to dinner after that. No Domes, sad to say. And even sadder, it was in Nando's. I don't like Nando's. I ate there once too often. It reminds me of McD's. I don't like McD's either. I ate too much McD's, at one time early this year almost every Sunday in KL Sentral. It's sickening, fattening and tastes like tonnes of MSG. I don't like Burger King too. Ate too much of it too.

And today, today the letter from BRATs for the programme in Mabul arrived. Gee whiz, they even specify how much underwear to bring and all. And we'll be spending most of the first and last day travelling. I look forward to the last day, actually. I can take ERL from KLIA to KL Sentral and then KTM Commuter to Kepong. ERL! Ha! That and monorail. Can't truly say I'm a KLite til I experienced both of them. No rush, though. They don't come free. They cost hands and legs. And the government encourage us to take public transportation. Too much. Wanna know my flight number? It's MH 260x...yup, MAS. Not AirAsia.

And all I really wanted to do is to actually stay home and sleep. I'm lazy. Can't be bothered to be uprooted all the way to Sabah. Argh, Pui Yee, you brat, be grateful you're travelling...!@#$%&&*%#!!!!!

And it's time to find a new object of infatuation. 2 years and some more of unrequited love infatuation is more than enough. Go away! Gah!

On the other hand, I've updated the URL of the following people's blogs:

And also added him to the blogger list:
Jun Hoe
(dey, buck up and write something la!)

Check them out, ya.

Countdown to Sipadan Mabul BRATs trip:10

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