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21 Nov 2003
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My brain is saying: SPM over SPM over SPM over SPM overrrrrRRRrRrRrRrR!!!!
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Wishlist: Olympus M[mju:]400 Digital Camera or Kodak Easy Share. I really really really need this current one worked like Stone Age and if anyone have RM1k+ to spare...

Wasn't planning to blog today, but since everybody's doing it, might as well...

What can I say? SPM is finally, inadvertedly, irrevocably, incredibly...OVER.

And MY say on the papers? Okay...

Biology wasn't extremely difficult. It wasn't easy but it wasn't difficult. But heck, I did the experiment wrongly anyway.

Add Math...everybody said Paper 1 was easy and Section A of Paper 2 was simple as well. Somebody shoot me then. Both papers was damned fucked up I hope and pray and pray and pray I'll manage to squeeze a credit out of it. My original prayers for a B3 gone, kaput. And Gianne chose a noose and I'm supplying coffins to us.

As for Modern Math, bar any accidents, Ace is taken.

BM was alright. I did the essay titled "Di mana bumi dipijak, di sana langit dijunjung" which basically translate into loving and loyalty to your motherland. Crapped about patriotism, how we public can inprove the country, reasons to be proud to be a Malaysian, bla bla bla bla bla. I'm confident my essay was good enough. But I'm seriously worried sick that I didn't conform to the actual essay question which will mean my essay was out of context and the deducting of many, many, MANY precious marks. AhhHhHH!!!!!

English, English was okay. Again, damned paranoid about essay. Did ...what did I do? Wrote about Friends. Who we are, how they shaped us, how our lives merge together. Damn, please let it be NOT out of context. And let it be an A1 standard for 1119 or O Levels or whatever crap their marking scheme came from.

Uh, History is one bloody bloodbath. Paper 1 was amazingly simple (if I really studied) and Paper 2 was. Oh God. It was like, shoot, crap, write, nut, ball, crap, write, crap, oh did I mention crap? I was so frustrated I came home, told my mom about it and cried. Until my aunts and cousin came. Which is like 15 minutes into cry-fest. What a joke.

Okay, for Moral, which is like the worst, boringest paper ever set foot on earth, I did it this way: Do 1 question, put pen down, look around and outside, continue question. And we had a bitchy invigilator that day; at one point I put down my pen, smiled at her, looked away, and smiled at her. and her reaction was: total lack of facial expression. Scary. Anyway, hope I crap enough about this stupid nilai and that mengamalkan shit.

Physics was okay la. I hope I didn't do TOO badly. Screw up here and there and the essays, but it wasn't imposible. Rather doable, as we like to call it. All thanks to my tuition teacher Mr. Moey, who made me realise Physics is not the mystery of human existence beyond my comprehension. Must make a card for him. One day. But hell, exams ALWAYS like this; you take one chance and skip this section or two in your revision, THAT section will come out and the ones you slaved over studying...nada. Zilch. Zero.

Last last last last paper was Chemistry. I slacked, only started Form 4 revision at 5:00 pm the day before. Started Form 5 revision at 1 am, had to skip entire Redox chapter so that I can get 1 hour 30 minutes of sleep. Woke up thinking "Let's just screw the paper. Last one anyway, who cares?" and scrambled to stuff in info about redox. Arrived at school to the scene of a couple breaking up - girl's mom found out girl is dating, girl cannot continue, girl break news to boy, boy sobbed. Boy didn't do much chemistry, boy just sat in the hall for 30 minutes gazing into I-dunno-where and left. I think the girl shouldn't've said anything until AFTER exams...girl's mom won't show up in school and girl knew boy won't be able to concentrate on exams after the break up. A bit insensitive. Oh well. Not my business.

Finished paper 30 minutes before 3:30pm and practically dashed out of exam hall; went to get my School Leaving Cert, took some pictures, yelled and screamed and along with a bunch of friends, gave my last gift to school - many, many wall graffiti describing my "beloved" school caunselor. Went to KLCC with 3 pals, was discussing National Service LOUDLY on KTM and I admit, I enjoy the fact that there were spectators on the train. People actually listened, acknowledge our arguments and smile in amusement. Well, pals shopped til I dropped. Literally sat on the fitting room floor in Topshop and refused to budge.

Came home and well, that's that.

SPM's over, wheeee!
And I'm making it official so that he won't back off:
Jun Hoe's buying me and Amelia lunch on Monday and we'll get him movie tickets!

"I just want to climb our of this place where I'm born in. Where I came from.. people, they're angry, tired...they're just trying to survive. But I know there's a world out there that's better...better developed. And I want to live there. And all I need is just one chance."
---Liz, Homeless to Harvard, Hallmark Channel.

Alvin Choong made this comment,
That's the attitude, girl! You go get 'em papers. Here's a pantun for your efforts. I wrote it myself, and I'm doing s'cara spontan. You can sing it like a syair.
Saya sedang di komputer kawan,
Mendengar lagu 'Semua Benda Benda Yang Kecil',
Saya telah kehilangan cawan,
Dan sangat lapar boleh makan Sang Kancil.

Please don't blast me in your next blog!

A visitor made this comment,
Glad to hear that everything's finally over! Btw, Homeless To Harvard is a pretty good movie. Did you managed to watch the entire thing?
Btw, you can icq me or pm me at AIM/Yahoo/MSN. Check your icq messages, ya? :)


Yoke Yan made this comment,
Uh... I feel like taking my SPM all over again! ha..ha.. I was just dumbfounded after the last paper. I walked out of the hall quietly and I thanked God that it's finally over! Anyways, Congratulations! you've completed your Form 5 and SPM! Cheers!
A visitor made this comment,
Yeah!! Spm's finally over! (I'm just repeating something you said)
Now, I can concentrate on writing my HP fanfics. But enough about me. I love this page..You sound really spunky!
Just an ex-SPM candidate

A visitor made this comment,
so, aren't you one happy chick. ;)
all set for sipadan?
*neTte* []

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