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Joint Installation

17 Aug 2003 21:07
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My brain is saying: What? THAT was the weekend? This short?!
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Wishlist: Olympus M[mju:]400 Digital Camera or Kodak Easy Share. I really really really need this current one worked like Stone Age and if anyone have RM1k+ to spare...

Beautiful. If you have time, please go to Google and type in stardancejive. Not only will you find my blog there, you will find me in AND in blog admin, where I'm supposedly, my blog, that is, top in the Malaysia category. *Snort* I'm not surprised. With the dumb Akademi Fantasia entries, I manage to get almost 4k of hits in 2 weeks. It's a feat. What is surprising, however, is that people think I am in any way connected to the show, hello, my only so-called connection is that Vince is my best friend's cousin, I've been in his car around PJ for 20 minutes, see him perform and turn prawn-red under the hot sun and that I've seen Aznil Nawawi in the Mont Kiara Fiesta Night flea market one Thursday. That is ALL. Read my lips: I'm never and never will EVER be connected to AF. So, quit it. Pih-tih you people, thinking you're sending your wishes to the right people...please, do that in Astro website. I have no idea or even want to contact Khai. I don't even want Vince's autograph or photos, even when I can obtain them easily through Amelia. End of story.


Oh yah, yesterday, Saturday morning, that is, I attended the 2nd KL Alpha Leos Joint Installation which consist of Leos Clubs from 9 schools:

SMK Dato Lokman
SMK Cochrane Road
SMK Kepong
SMK St. Gabriel
SMK Tmn Desa
SMK Kepong Baru
SMK Bandar Tun Razak
SMK Damansara Utama
SMK Jinjang North

in Wisma MCA, KL. The event went alright, as an outsider, I'm aware of a few major and minor bloopers, but what dya expect from 2 months of preparation and once-a-week-meetings? What's most important is that the spirit is there. Leo Club (and Interact Club) Installations signify the induction of new members into their respective clubs and the installation of the new Board of Directors (BODs) into their respective boards. It is a solemn ceremony and ritual that Leos go through annually. Therefore, as of 11 am, 16th August 2003, I'm no longer the Outgoing Vice President of the Leo Club of SMK Kepong. I became Immediate Past Vice President. How's that? Pretty cool, eh? That represent the retirement of me from ALL outside activities - Choir, Prefect, Leo - and when I turn in the Jogathon drafts to the magazine teacher-in-charge, I'm back to square one. Yay.

Installations...this is my 3rd and hopefully not my last. I might want to attend my brother's future installations, especially when it's our Club's turn to organize the installation next year but may be my last as a fully-fledged Leo. There's already an Omega club inviting me to join, earlier by their sincere immediate past president, later by their uh-are-they-sincere-(?) current vice president. I may consider, but...the future remains to be seen. The food a beverage was basic, chicken rice and bottled water, but what I detest was the interference of many many Omega Leos. I'm frank when I say I want to tell a certain Joanne to sit down. And a certain Ivan to be less obnoxious. And everyone else to stop bossing; we Alphas can manage on our own, thank you wery much. Ugh! Can't the KLLCLC give them a break? I thank my stars they didn't dare to interfere too much last year. Their biggest interference made us lose hundreds of ringgit and left us with hundreds of leftover programme books. Bah. We were by far more efficient, though, heh heh. Oh well. That's it. No more Leo :(. Boo.

I think I have 3 more driving lessons before my test. Tomorrow most probably go to Bangsar. Since my 2 friends backfired there, wish me enough luck for me not to end their way...*drums table in nervousness*. G'night, people :).

Number one in Malaysia..yay yay yay...
Seph you number two, you loser, yay yay yay...

Joke, joke!

A visitor made this comment,
yay yay! you got number one!
i'm not surprise at all as you know what to put in your blog to attract people. so, probably next time include AF2 ya? then you might have to pay for the exceeded bandwidth. :)



Amelia made this comment,
Yeah! Darn and I thought I would be sharing Vincent's limelight...mane tahu pulak! Limelight stealer! Hmph!
But seriously...didn't know there were to many AF fanatics out there

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