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26 Jan 2004
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My brain is saying: Huh, a day to remember.
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Wishlist: Olympus M[mju:]400 Digital Camera or Kodak Easy Share. I really really really need this current one worked like Stone Age and if anyone have RM1k+ to spare...

Wow. Today is a day to be remembered. Huh.

Starts off with a bang at 8am with a phone call from my mom's friend (some people have no sense of timing, why can't she be considerate and call my mom's handphone instead of the house phone!?) but it was time for me to get up anyway.

Showered, put something on, changed, paraded in front of the full-length mirror, changed again and put on make up. Brushed hair and decide to just tie it up. Earrings and oh, wallet, bag, jacket, book, handphone and socks. Ready.

Was already running late (supposedly meeting in KTM Station around 9am) and when I reach there at 9.10am, Amelia wasn't there. Called her. Told me she's on the way. I knew better - ha, I just woke her up. She came around 9.30am, slightly dishevelled. Took train to KL Sentral, was full of Indons and...well, undesirable characters. Males. And our alert mode was on. Sister, it was red-hot on, slight trigger we're gonna scream/hit/kick. Why? Between the few of us, we were molested, touched, humped, robbed, pickpocketed over the years. No way we're letting anything like that happen again, ever. Especially during public holidays. Huh. Took LRT to KLCC, there was a beefy man staring at first Amelia, then the both of us. We moved as far as we can. From him.

Upon reaching KLCC discovered Phan Shean WAS on our LRT, so, went into KLCC through the tunnel together. Got ourselves movie tickets for Paycheck. Had breakfast - Kyros Kebab for Phan Shean, waffle for me and Amelia. Chatted a bit, the 3 of us, and went and watch the movie. Movies are supposed to be fun, when you have considerate movie-goers. But no, our cinema was kinda empty, the man behind me kept kicking my chair and putting his smelly great feet between the armrest, there was a snog fest going on with the couple over my peripheral left-above-view, and Amelia's front seat was oocupied by a guy with a few blades of hair sticking up like grass. Paycheck was alright. It's by John Woo, starring Ben Affleck and Uma Thurman and it's kinda predictably unpredictable kind of predictable movie. You get to think a bit and wait for what happened next with the things "Michael" posted himself while forfeiting US$ 90 million. After the movie we walked around a little and went inside this design gallery featuring designs from Norway (right?) which looked like IKEA products and Malaysian Designer stuff and KLCC view photography. Frankly? All this are up to my street and I was so, so, so appreciative of Phan Shean for being such a person, too. Normally my friends won't stop for these kind of things. I'm so glad he liked it too so that we can view 'em. And he knew what's lumo(sp?)graphy! Whoaaa!

It got a little boring, though, so we went to Kinokuniya, browsed through some books and proceed to where else? Petroscience!!! Hooboy! I remember I wanted to go in there when we're in KLCC with Jun Hoe. The fella in charge of the dark tunnel ride was way cute and if it's not because of time-constraint (on Phan Shean's part)....I would spent a lot a lot longer in there. The gadgets and stuff and information are worth looking at. The plasma-electro-current transfering thingy was beyond cool. The simulated-copter ride a lil fake, the earth-quack damn fun, the momentum-turner-tuck-in dizzifying, press-press buttons and knick-knacks fascinating....argh. I wanna go back to THAT section we didn't really see! But anyway, we went to this chemical place and had this phophrescent imager thingy - it's a dark chamber with a white screen and purple lightning and you make poses in front of the screen and a blinding flash will appear at certain intervals and what's left is your silloutte on the screen. Hilarious. Phan Shean wasted no time making obscene gestures, hah hah. Then there's a become a goalie in front of the tv thing and a 3D movie. Cost us RM2, but it was worth it, 'touching' Nemo, almost.

Left in a hurry but I still had one more chance of gawking at the cutie staff member at the exit, sent Phan Shean to the station, went up to Chillis, decided the price range was way out of reach, dined at Nando's and thinking of going home. Perhaps, it's fate. Topshop was having sales and Amelia tried some clothes. We went to Marks&Spencer for a while, then left, and walked the wrong way to the LRT tunnel. Doubled back to the correct wing and wondered aloud why is there such a big crowd in front of Guardian Pharmacy. We walked in front of the semi-circular crowd and peeked into the store and hooboy, who was there but Tun Dr. Mahathir and his wife? Amelia went "you wanna?" and I said "oh but of course!" and we stopped and THEY stopped in front of us. Amelia shook his hand and then we left before the crowd starts pushing forward. Perfect timing or what?

Then we noticed a damn cute Caucasion traveler in the LRT. Had the opportunity to stare a little. Disappointingly, he disembark at KL Sentral and headed to International KTM. Went home. Astro was out of order, so decided to call a very very old (almost 4, this year) 'net friend and talked to him for about 2 hours. It's kinda unsettling that he'll be leaving for Aussie next month. It's like, wow. So soon. I do wish him luck and hope he'll do well and most of all, we'll be able to keep in touch. So far, despite the differences of age, time, space and circumstances, we were kept connected through the modem and smsses. Oh well. We'll see in 3 years hence. A lot can happen in 3 years, as proven by Paycheck...

That's what I did today. And now I'm so so tired and wanna take a shower and SLEEP.

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Oh yeah... It got my ego up wayyyyyy high. Ehehe... i got nuthing to comment actually. Plus, i cant copy and paste and modify like you did with mine. So............ dang.

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shiok finish edi?
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