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Me, Property owner.

4 Feb 2004
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Mood: Tired, immune, excited, numb, exhausted.
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My brain is saying: ...okay la. Today got big announcement.
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Wishlist: Olympus M[mju:]400 Digital Camera or Kodak Easy Share. I really really really need this current one worked like Stone Age and if anyone have RM1k+ to spare...

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9 day hiatus. Not very long in puiyee-dictionary, uh, I think. I was working in Jan, as I've mentioned, maybe 2, 3 times in my past blogs. And those last few days were TERRIBLE. End of story. Not quite. Had a shock when a few BRATs showed up in Selayang Mall and paid me a visit. Avril, Alvin, Jess, Amanda, Doraemon, even Arthur. Did I miss anyone out? It's like they're so happy, loud, rambunctious, happy-go-lucky and I'm rotting there, sleepy and slow.

Yer. I've become so numb. Not refering to Linkin Park's song. I'm just immune to everyday little pleasures. Giggles and small jokes has taken leave. Nothing much can move me to laughter or tears. I felt myself becoming distracted and distant while talking. Concentration wanned and life is just slow. Brain's fluffy. *Sigh* I need to be excitable.

I had 2 days of good rest and sleep, but on the 3rd had interview with this Language and Learning Centre in Menjalara. And I (hope she don't get online!) despise the woman for commenting "you're so young! so young!" all the time. Hey, yeah, I've just left school, true, but you're looking for a RM600-RM1200 job, you don't expect a graduate from, say, University Malaya, to apply for your honourable job as a part-time teacher, right? I'm babbling, by the way.

She said she'll get back to me next week. I'm annoyed. Should I call around and look for other jobs? Or should I keep my hopes high for getting shortlisted? Menjalara is not exactly near...! Oh and today I saw something exciting: Kindergarten teachers needed in Selayang, min. SPM, hahahah I'm so calling them tomorrow.

Rare happenings have been ...happening lately. The distant owl decided a homecoming visit. It's not unpleasant, just awkward, as always. You don't know what can happen, considering. The 13 seats of King Arthur's knight was complete for dinner. And that felt weird. It's already more than 750 sunsets and counting. The owl must leave eventually. Again.

But hey. I know now there's a Nikon FE2 professional camera in the household, one with shutter control, manual W and T control, sharpness control and bla bla bla (let's just say it's not an idiot camera) and it now has been bestowed upon me as my latest play tool. That is, if I can figure out how to function it and set up funds for film, camera and developing of the films. Anyhow, it's a start to my growing liking to all things photography. Perfection will be near when the digital camera is at my hands for practice of shoots.

This morning I was stuck in the massive jam that occurs in Batu Caves once a year. Thaipusam. I was mesmerized by people walking barefoot, with goat milk and vegetarian food and drinks, all in the name of their religion. The procession was a long one. The massive jam lasted more than 2 hours for us. We ended up in Gombak for breakfast at 12.30pm and been told cheekily by the Indian cashier to abandon car and walk to our destination, it'll be a lot faster that way. Went to Sentul, Jln Kuching, Setapak, and in the end, back to good old Selayang. For, uh, car-scouting. And the most exciting, maybe, of all news, is, well, I now own a car. A yr2001 1.5 auto gray Wira. RM 37 000. Cash and carry, almost. Paid at 3pm, collect car at 6pm. Kinda crazy, huh?

My driving skills SUCK. Auto cars SUCK. Estimation using the Wira SUCK. But hey, practice makes perfect, mmm? At least I've solved one problem and created another: responsibility for that monster. Oh damn. I should probably name it fancily and pet it every morning so that it can't "bite" me, or am I getting superstitious? Geez. I'm grateful! I am!

Hmm. I can see Amelia grin, Phan Shean make faces, Jun Hoe smirk, Delwyn scream, Lean Chiew exclaim and Gianne curse from here (among other facial expressions and displays of emotions) after that last paragraph. Sorry for never revealing any of these to any of ya. I'm just worried, like so many other times, things wouldn't work out and everything's back to square one.

Don't kill me. Touchwood.

A visitor made this comment,
car!! i want mazda RX 7!!


Amelia made this comment,
you bad bad bad gurl! you didn't even call me to tell me personally! gosh a car! a car! baybeh a car! you got that right! imma grinning from ear to ear! a wira summore! let's lumba haram baybeh! ahahahahahhahahha!

Delwyn Lee made this comment,
Woi... Good 4 u lor. I'll scream next time
Envy no, JEALOUS

ichimei made this comment,
Wow...been ages since I last dropped by. How are things going for you girl???

A visitor made this comment,
gagaagagagagaga.. u poor thing!! i wanted to give u a suprise visit again yest.. but u weren't there ady.. sad.. hehehehe
jess []

Michelle made this comment,
heya.... a car? did i read correctly? yahhoo... btw, Puiys.. got the job in Q-dees? i got the jon in Hartamas, leng lui! congrats me! Anyways, congrats to ya too! One day, we go 'hang kai kai' okay? (go drive around)
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