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6 Feb 2004
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It's a confirmed fact, Houston.

I hate kids. But, kids love me.

I can't believe it. I went for an observation period for the learning centre I interviewed with few days ago. It lasted for around 2 hours and 30 minutes and it wasn't hell, but totally out of whack for me. Imagine, 30+ kids shouting in your ear, telling you to eat plastic burgers, taking orders of coffee and cheese, singing silly songs (Where is Susie Where is Susie She's not here She's not here...), reading from storybooks, having snacks and bombarding you with storybooks for you to oooh and aah with them. Basically I didn't have too much of a problem. I said it. They love me. Or my lack of attention thereof. When they chug chug their train I push the plastic bricks out of the way while repeating "coming through, coming through". When they make regal offerings of boxes with plastic whatchamacallits inside, I upset them so that the kiddo can pick it up and put 'em back in. And I had a record breaking number of 4 kids sitting on my lap, fighting over who get to sit next, and refusing to sing along. Oh damn. And they call me Teacher.

But hey. It's only an observation period. Let's see how it goes I'll know if they hire me somewhere next week. Yay.


Damn. For the love of $$$, the price to pay (excuse the pun) is blardy high.

Don't play with fire.

A visitor made this comment,
awww... that's sho shweet.... but, wow. pui yee. a teacher. hard to imagine, but i guess the world works in mysterious ways. work hard, and you shall receive your just reward.
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ichimei made this comment,
*giggles* Now you know how I feel when students call me "teacher, teacher" least yours are children. Mine was people your age! *gah*

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