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Labor Day, yay!

1 May 2003 00:01
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Word: Procrastinate - need I say more?
My brain is saying: YOU. ARE. DEAD.

Ladies and gentlemen, in 35 minutes, we, at GMT +8 will enter Labor Day, which is, ironically, a day for rest for workers (Isn't it more appropriate to name it `Rest Day'?). But that is besides the point. The point is, I haven't studied or revised still and I'm bound on the next ship skyward...

Morbid thoughts aside, I actually have nothing to say. Read the newspaper, and was incensed by the news of a man with 4 wives, 50 kids, and committed incest to one of his daughters. And polygamy is supposed to curb social illness, to quote Marina Mahathir. Just. Plain gross. No other words to explain a father who'll rape his own blood and flesh.

As for the crowd who remained bystanders watching a boy being extorted and stabbed to death, I understand why. They are scared. They do not want to interfere. In other words, they prefer their hands clean. Why mess in people's business? Why care? I don't know that boy. Whatever-lah. He won't die. After I get stabbed. How? Good Samaritans are a dying race. This is a dog eat dog world. You are either the hunter or the hunted. No one dare to stop, take a breather, open their eyes and find the reason for living. Simple civalry? HA! Consideration? Forget it.

That day, in class, a group was playing Truth or Dare. 3 guys stood in front of the class, and horror of horrors (to me and to the relief teacher, who's a university 2nd yr student, since we were chatting), a girl went down on her knees in front of them, and proceed to... kow tow. That's a big taboo, to kow tow to people for no reason...even the teacher said he don't believe in getting on one's knees. We have dignity. Well, we laughed with the rest, but I wonder how far would I go in a game of truth and dare. Certainly not until the extend of putting dignity and respect aside. Call me conservative, stuffy. But that's me.

I'm stuck. Night.

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