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Last Day of 2003

31 Dec 2003
At the moment
Song: The Final Countdown
Mood: Tired, Excited and tired.
What I had last: Iced water
My brain is saying: The final day. And the clock's ticking away.
Time: 00:20
Wishlist: Olympus M[mju:]400 Digital Camera or Kodak Easy Share. I really really really need this current one worked like Stone Age and if anyone have RM1k+ to spare...

This is it, people. The last blog for the year 2003, the 91st since I started this blog. Stardancejive was created on 21st April 2003. This means my blog is 8 months and 10 days old, now. So far, there were 23483 hits and 120+ comments, and thank you to those anonymous people who kept coming back again, and again, to read what I wrote, for taking an interest in the life of a mundane teenaged girl from the smog-filled city of Kuala Lumpur.

I did promise to come up with a list, but then, promises are made to be broken, aren't they? I gave it some thought these past 2 days and could come up with nothing. This is because I'm not a music, movie nor celeb fan. Maybe I have no life, maybe I have too much life to bother :). I know the only resolution I made for 2003 is to lose weight, which, sadly *snickeringly* I never kept. I didn't keep track of events and happenings this year, either, thanks to the lack of diligence in writing my journal (the real thing).

So, my resolutions for 2004 are:
1. Lose weight.
2. Write in journal more.
3. Be less MIA and AWOL.
4. Be kind to animals. Ey. I'm ALWAYS kind to animals. I mean, be kind to humans.
5. Stop making dumb resolutions.

2003 in a nutcase nutshell--
Click on the calendar in the gutter and read my blogs from the beginning, silly! I'm too lazy to recall!


Today, I fulfilled my promise to my bro. That is, pay for his LOTR:ROTK ticket in KLCC. What's my say of watching LOTR:ROTK for the 2nd time? Ouch. My butt hurt from another 210 minutes of staying put in one place and I was freezing cos my bro forgot his jacket and borrowed mine. Also, I didn't concentrate as much, but I notice now I really loved the part where Minas Tirith's beacons were lit and it traveled far and wide. And Frodo's part in Mordor prior to destroying the ring is really really draggy. And the music score is great. The sceneries were spectacular. And I was half comatose.

I also had a shopping frenzy with Sing Yieng. And I discover I'm not much of a shopper. But hey. I spent nearly 10 hours in that place. And I bought 4 items.

Item I
VJ Black knee-length skirt with belt
Original price: RM 89.90
Discount: 70%
After discounted: RM 26.97

Item II
SEED green top wide collar with interlaced string long-sleeved top
Original price: RM 33.00
Discount: 30%
After discounted: RM 23.10

Item III
SEED black top with roped sleeve and gilded graphic
Original price: RM 49.00
Discount: 50%
After discounted: RM 24.50

Item IV
Dorothy Perkins beige top, long sleeved with stringed ends
Original price: RM 56.00
Discount: 25%
After discounted: RM 42.00

Accumulated amount:
Original price: RM 227.90
Actual total spent: RM 116.57
Total saved: RM 111.33

What say you?

*Hic! Laughing gleefully*

Yoke Yan made this comment,
Happy New Year buddy!! =)
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Aidid Razak made this comment,
I sauy, Pui yee, that that sounds like impressive shopping. Don't discounts and bargains just give you butterflies in your tummy? I love them.

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