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Laugh your guts off

25 Aug 2003 09:44
At the moment
Song: Because You Loved Me - Celine Dion
Mood: Humourous
What I had last: Dinner at local restaurant
My brain is saying: My cheeks hurt from too much laughing
Time: 23:00
Wishlist: Olympus M[mju:]400 Digital Camera or Kodak Easy Share. I really really really need this current one worked like Stone Age and if anyone have RM1k+ to spare...

HahahahaHAHAhahaHAHAhahahaHAAHAHahahahaHAHAAH *chortles*

AHahahahaHAhahahahaHAHahahahahahahaHHAHAha *cackles*

BwahahahaHAhahAHAhahaHAahahah *giggles*

MuahHHAhahahahaHahahahahahah *chuckles*

Noooo I'm not demented, I just had a good 45 minutes of gutteral laugh and finger pointing and whacking my bro (who was sitting beside me) becase I was at this site. It's made by a guy Eric, and the faces he pull is classic; check out especially "The 500th call about I can't send email", "The computer ate my 20-paged document", but almost all will guarantee you in tears. Damn good, man!

Other then that, not much since Thursday. Nothing worth mentioning at all. Ahh, life is once again settling on a humdrum, how what's-the-word-aiyah-neh-that-word-that-means-boring-and-ordinary-but-more-bombastic--leh? Think, c'mon, think.

So, that's it. I just sms-ed 3 people for that word. See if luck is on my site...
ah, just got my first sms from Gianne - typical - NO. Not typical.
Okay. I got it from Jun Hoe. MUNDANE.

Life is settling on a humdrum, how mundane.

Okay. End of story.

A visitor made this comment,
ohhhhhh that sms! i just read it this morning. cause my hp was set in silent mood ya know. so i didnt get to read your message last night until the next morning when i glance to my phone. ehehhe no wonder you sounded a bit pissed off when i tok to you in icq. anywayyyzzzzzz....
i just got nikon-75D, for my photography clas cost 1.2k++ with tripod, lenses and evverything!! i know you really do like camera stuff so here i am, showing off to ya. mwahahahhaa. hate me. :P


A visitor made this comment,
Hmmph! You could've asked me!
Though when reading the description, I don't think I could have thought of mundane, it's the thought of being asked that counts! :P

EmotionEric rocks! :)

Albert Ng []

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