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26 Aug 2003
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Mood: Tired/excited
What I had last: Breakfast - Pan Mee
My brain is saying: I hope I can pass my driving test...
Time: 18:28
Wishlist: Olympus M[mju:]400 Digital Camera or Kodak Easy Share. I really really really need this current one worked like Stone Age and if anyone have RM1k+ to spare...

Yep, the last time I had a meal was at 09:30 this morning, and now it's almost 18:30. How's that? Missing meal is a trend in my house :(. Of course, it does have something to do with me being, erm, too lazy (HEY! I can cook! And I can prove it to you, if you want me to. Ha!) And yes. I skived school today. Yum, yum.

That aside, yeah, Tiara, I agree (my sentences is becoming seriously fragmented). My poor lil blog DOES have a knack of becoming pseudo-official sites. First, it was Akedemi Fantasia, now...BRATs..?! But I don't mind! All BRATs-to-be, ahoy! Come drop me messages! So far I've became acquainted to quite a few bound for Lumut, y'know? Especially Michelle, heh, whose parents are gonna play chaffeur ;). Speaking of it, y'all received letters saying it's been brought forward a day? Yeah, the workshop's 6th-9th Sept. Oh well. My plans to relax for a day and packing busted. Bah! And speaking of that letter...(gasp! gasp! gasp!!!) there's already 3 mistakes I can detect while gleaning through it..!

i. Heading: Star BRATs Lumut Workshop change in date (change of date!)

ii. We regret the error and any inconvenienced caused. (inconvenience)
*Is it really an error, a change of date? More like an amendment.

iii. Biggest of all: You're sincerely (letter writing rule number #1. Won't even change it. I'm sure everyone know the correct answer to this one.)

A-la-mak, what is this! It's supposed to be a letter from an esteemed newspaper to kids interested in joining a journalism workshop...!

Erk. Sorry lor. The "editing" blood is in me. I daren't say my grammar or command of English is fantastic, but this is way below par. Blame Albert for making me editor. Now can't stand spoofs.

Ah, dear KS Chan (<--that your correct name?), rub it in, will ya?! I know you're gonna be there in less then an hour, therefore no need to start your journey at 6 am, but it's not polite to show off! :p. Heh, kidding. So. I'm curious. Are you the fairer sex or are you one of the rare (and dangerous) species known as male?

#Question: What is a blog?

#Answer: In my humble opinion, a blog, short for weblog, is a journal of a particular 'netter. It doesn't matter what is it, some people use their blogs to write poetry, some to whet their emotions, some to rant and show off, some for fantasies and dreams, etc. Me, I blog for fun. I blog because I'm lazy to write with a pen. I blog because my penmanship is getting worst. In fact, the only thing I dread about this workshop is the need to write a lot, and fast. *Groans*. I also blog because I'm a voyeur and love to show off. Heh. Joke.

Does that answer you?

Another thingy (getting chatty today):
Please, please, please send me loads and loads AND loads of luck, prayers and wishes so that I pass my driving test this Friday. JPA inspection co-incide with the date (shit, why me?!) short-cuts, no nothing. Aiks. I'm damn nervous.

Today's lesson took me 4 hours; I extended 'em. Man, while doing parking/3-point turn/slope, I sweated like a pig, even in places I didn't know can sweat (like, your calves?), and by the time the instructor said enough, I was seriously glad to get outta Metro Subang. We drove around Subang, passing through the airport, PJ, Bangsar and Kepong. Terrible. I still prefer being driven around as opposed of driving around.

'kay. 'nuff said.

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