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25 Jul 2003 23:39
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My brain is saying: Boo hoo hoo...I'm so touched...
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Wishlist: Olympus M[mju:] 300 or 400 Digital Camera. I really really really need this current one worked like Stone Age and if anyone have RM1k+ to spare...

Okay, was a little extreme, I guess I was THAT angry. I'm not going to take back what I said, because no matter what, those emotions was real, and it was a poignant reminder of how strong/weak I can be. Trivial matters to some people, maybe, but...if you're not in my shoes, say no more.

Let me think...other then that..oh yeah. I'm baby, Panduan 2003 (my school yearbook) production is almost 77 88 (in Cantonese, done) and it's sent out from my school office outbox on Monday. Thank goodness for that. I was half worried it'll come out later then usual and I'll be blamed but turns out it's gonna be all printed and ready for distribution before/after PMR, that is, in September. I'm going to turn a blind eye to ALL typos in that book, whoever's fault it is (certainly not mine! I'm thorough!) though I made sure all my names in that book are correct. Hee. Joy of being Editor-in-chief...

I played hooky from school today (Friday). Believe me, I didn't want to. I WANTED to wake up at 6 am and go to school. Because we have double periods of Biology and the teacher promised we'll get to prick our own fingers and test our own blood groups. It sounds really really promisingly intriguing. Oh. I know my blood group all right, but I'm eager to point out if the lab equipment is incorrect OR if the blood lab is wrong (I can sue them maybe) but if that proved disappointing, I can always witness loud/brash guys turn into cry babies before they even got pricked. And I'd love to say (loudly) "It's just a drop of blood, you pathetic lameass!". But no. I choose today of all days to switch my alarm clock off, doze for another 10 minutes that turned into 90 minutes. Cool, eh?

What's even more cool about this is that it earned me a trip to 1 Utama, a shopping mall in a affluent suburban nearby. OooH students in uniforms milling about while I wear a nice shirt and pants! And when I have just gave up hope on macho uniformed guys (since they don't seem to exist in my school anyway), I saw a damned macho guy with school uniform hanging off him like some cK ad! Serious! Okay, so he was walking to the toilet, but...him wearing green shirt and white pants, I didn't even notice it's a school uniform until I saw a school badge! It suddenly struck me that there WERE guys like that in my school, when I was in Form 1! *Gasp!* What happened to these guys? All I seem to notice this year is skinny guys trying to wear bellbottoms and supertight pants and had an effect young tree trunk being wrapped with tight clothes and short guys with short and small shirts...I still like baggy clothes on guys. Not so baggy as having their butts all hanging off or like that superbaggy, superbig clothes on a guy I saw in Midvalley (hey! It was SO baggy we didn't know if the fella was fat, thin, tall or short in his clothes from behind!) but still...ugh. Fine. Guy oh guy, please appear in my dreams tonight...

Another thing. A friend wrote me a poem. I'm going to reply as appropriate and this is impromptu, so let the creative juices flow.

Bitterness, sadness, anger
Wrapped itself around me
Like a twisted vine;
A shroud, unlifting.
Alone in my darkness
My mind brought me far
Far into the night,
Where I hear voices
Taunts, jeers, laughter
So evil, so cold,
The air seemed to freeze,
Turn my hand clammy, my head spinning.

Those voices, they pull me further
Into the forest
Where I tripped on stones, roots, bushes.
The power they hold
Making my limbs move
Like a strung marionette.
I try to fight, but I can't.
I want to give up, but I can't.
The voices enticed me on and on,
Into the dark,
Where birds do not sing and
Sun do not shine.

And then I hear another voice,
Shining from he opposite end
I try to hold on to it, the weak voice
Every few steps I turn back and walk,
To be tugged by the evil voices.
Maybe one day I'll walk right out of this forest
But for now,
For now I'll keep hope,
so that the faint voice will give me strength.

Hey, buddy, thanks...

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Dey do you have to tell the whole world I failed my driving test in bold?! #@!$#%!#!@!@$#$?! :P

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Ahem. Did I mention names?
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