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Woo hoo! Brat-to-be!

27 Jul 2003 18:43
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Notice how I come to lows and highs insanely?

Notice how I come to lows and highs insanely in a week?

Notice the neurotic way I speak?

Me, too.

HellOooOooo world! I bear great, super duper news! I'm. A. BRAT-to-be.

Huh? Why is she so happy about being a brat?

Because BRAT stood for Bright, Roving, Annoying Teen, as in you know, Brats of Youth, The Star, only one of the most popular English dailies in Malaysia? Yes! I'm accepted into their youth journalism programme/workshop in Lumut, Perak from Sept 7-10. Yay. The letter sat in my mailbox for days before someone checked it, wow. And the heading of the letter read exactly that: Dear Brat-to-be. How. Sweet!

Except. WellllLLLLL...there's a pinch of a problem. Transportation. How am I gonna zoom myself all the way to Lumut, Perak on 7th and back to KL on 10th? Ugh. Good question. I'm not pessimistic yet. I can always call up the office and ask. If I get to go, carpool, whatever, great, I'm happy, but if I don't (and GOD FORBID THAT!), I'm still happy because least I hold the knowledge that I'm alright, I'm accepted, 1 outta 30 from maybe a few hundred applicants. A couple of hundred around Malaysia, I reckon...I have no idea. Come to think of many geeks and suckers applied for Brats anyway? Anyone can answer me?

What did I do to apply? Let me see.. they required a full biodata and 1000-worded essay on myself, my aspirations & inspirations, my family, my life. Took me exactly 5 attempts to write that one out. 1000 is not a lot...I had to cut, edit and rewrite. I still have 3 copies of the saved work. I selected the one essay with most "awWw" worked, huh? *Grins*

Doing my Add Math project, the one on gutters or Saluran Hujan. About finished, left the creative part, you know, the artsy smartsy stuff to make your book look nice and colourful. Better finish it early then late. Yeah.

Til then, ciao!

karen marie made this comment,
py! i remember you...of course..congrats on being a BRAT!

A visitor made this comment,
I'm coming from Johor! Our plan is to drive to KL the day before and then drive the rest of the way to Lumut. We've been there before so we know the route.

Talk about coinkidinks! :D

Tiara []

Michelle made this comment,
yayayayaya...yay yay yay yay... i am going to Lumut too!!!! Pui Yee... we are meant to be together....wuhuhuuuuu!!!!

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