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Potter Verdict

28 Jun 2003 00:43
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I'll make this a quickie, cos I realise my blog's pretty empty and all...sigh. Not in the mood, too tired, all that.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix took me exactly 3 days to finish, and it's cos I tried to savor each and every word. Verdict? Disappointed. The book's thick, no doubt, but I find parts, even chapters of it utterly crappish. Take the first chapter, for example. I remember why I was so drawn into Harry Potter in the first place: the very first sentence in the very first page of the very first book. But this is utterly crap. Why do J.K. Rowling have to make Harry stoop so low as to bent underneath windows hidden in bushes to listen to the evening news? Crap. Why does she reduce Harry's characteristics into a spoiled, shouting, screaming, ungrateful, un-understanding, brattish wizard? Where's the magical touch of this fantasy/drama book? It's gone, it's gone! It's so stale! And what's revealed in this book is so PREDICTABLE, so bland! There's no big secrets like in books 1-4 that'll hang us in tetherhooks, wanting to know more. Dammit, she made us hang for 3 years and produce such a mediocre book. Eeeu. Crap about Hagrid's brother, the boredom of reading through the Giant's fights, even describing Sirius Black's house, which should be really interesting and intriguing, is not that. Heck, knowing the "who" died was like 'Huh? He died? Oh. Okay.'. Cedric's death in book 4 was so filled with impact...that you'll want to mourn for him. "Who"'s death is so sudden, so unmentioned, so undercut. "Who" deserve more attention. There's a lot of good, too, actually. Fred and George really broke the mould, with their creation and they are hilarious, yup. In fact the best parts of the books came from Fred and George Weasley, with Peeves helping them 'give hell' to Ms. Umbridge, oh and the chapter `Advance Guard'. That was COOL, man! And Ms Umbridge fitted the description of my (now) ex-biology teacher to the T. Reading her was like fantasizing Ms. Gan in her seat, sentencing redundant rules and poking her nose and butt where it's not needed or wanted, thank you very much. The fighting with Lord Voldy made me think I got lost in The Matrix, though.

All in all, it's as though JK Rowling wanted to make the book longer, therefore crap more to fill in pages. Argh. And everyone agreed the story's stale, as if it wasn't even written by her at all. Her writer's block must've been really REALLY really bad.


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