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2 Aug 2003 19:12
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My brain is saying: still sleepy, less comatose, weekend.
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Wishlist: Olympus M[mju:] 300 or 400 Digital Camera. I really really really need this current one worked like Stone Age and if anyone have RM1k+ to spare...

Well. Opening of yet another chapter of my dreadful year two-oh-oh-three life. And the closing of many, many of them. August is here and SPM beckons..and I can almost feel the heat of hell from here. And smell rotting flesh. Oh I shall perish. To hell with the drama. Just making a point of saying August is here.

Where am I? Oh. Not much to say since I blogged yesterday. Just that I'm even more sleepy today.

Oyeah! Good news! We retired! Oh dawg, who'd believe we're already old enough to "retire"? We're now off duty permanently, wearing blue uniforms and breaking school rules. I already painted my nails and considering henna tattoo on a prominent place on my arms or something. Can't wait for the farewell party. Cause for celebration! Made and laminated bookmarks for me juniors, each one doesn't even cost me over a buck all in all, but the words or wisdom and the dedication of them to the person suited them the most is what mattered..I can see a lot of them touched and asking me to interpret the words for them.

That's one closure of school life, I suppose.
Teacher's filing student cards and we're chasing after teachers to sign our testimonials.
Wow. Time really fly.

A visitor made this comment,
time flies but, the best is yet to come! party on!!!

jackson yeoh made this comment,
hey yeah! before you know, the result is annouce, you're on your way to college or uni, and then boom. your married. time flies. with destiny alongside. heck.

A visitor made this comment,
oh my god, i just imagined amelia and aiyak-what's-her-name decked out the pink bridemaid's dresses, clutching flowers and accosting u who wears a pure white gown with one-inch thick make up and...
haha, jk.
i think you'd dash out and scream the moment the final, yes, THE final paper is done. freed from chains!

A visitor made this comment, my colour..i'll go gothic...ahah!gianne will come looking like a punk...wild hair!

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