Saturday, March 17, 2007

SPM trials

2 Sep 2003
At the moment
Song: Never Too Fat, uh, Far - Mariah Carey
Mood: Good
What I had last: McD's chocolate cone
My brain is saying: Chocolate, yum, yummy!
Time: 23:57
Wishlist: Olympus M[mju:]400 Digital Camera or Kodak Easy Share. I really really really need this current one worked like Stone Age and if anyone have RM1k+ to spare...

My SPM trials kicked off today with a killer BM I & II paper. The excitement, the high emotions felt during every exam period is evident today. We even kicked those nosy obnoxious form 4 prefects out of the class because they told us not to eat in class. Total silence and co-operation from the class to the teachers is so...magnificent.

Uh. I think I made my point. Was I sarcastic enough?

Wrote a free verse a couple of days ago, just to let off some steam; you don't know how living with the scream-monster is like. I'm not supposed to call me mam that, but...well...well yeah. I'm calling her that.

Am I?

Am I so bad?

I don't smoke;
I don't drink;
I don't date;
I don't have free sex,
I don't steal.
I don't do drugs;
I don't mix with bad crowds;
I don't break the law,
I don't trash places.
I don't abuse animals;
I don't hit people;
I don't join gang fights,
I don't get into trouble.

Am I really bad?

I don't care about school,
I don't study too much,
I don't bring home strings of As,
I don't earn my own money.

Am I bad?

I'm just lazy,
Don't do housework.

Am I really that bad?
Tell me,
Am I?

This sucks.

On the other hand, no thanks to a will-remain-unnamed-person, I'm getting the Lumut jitters. I can't wait. In fact, I begged mam to take me to local shopping complex to buy know, mini-everything? Mini shampoo, mini shower gel, mini-powder...

I admit. I'm a stereotype. So what if I'm a big fan of Johnson & Johnson and Dettol? I love everything from those ranges. And they're proven to be real good. That's imperative, right? RIGHT?

Brain: Aiyiyi, Pui Yee, shaddap already.
Head: Okay, okay.

Countdown to Lumut BRATs workshop: 3 days

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