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21 Apr 2005
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A cause to blog about...

This holidays I was determined to finish up the unfinished business:

  • Transfer all my mp3s from my old CPU into my notebook
  • Get streamyx
  • Get MyKad

and I've done the first 2 finally! Since getting my new notebook last...October? November? I've retired my old, faithful but oh-so-slow PC into a state 'where it become unstable everytime I try to switch it on. And since dismantling it before we moved, I've never even reassemble it. My CPU lay, dusty and unwanted, in the storeroom while my printer, scanner, speakers, keyboard and mouse was chucked haphazardly into a box beneath it on the rack. Sometimes, I think I'm pretty ungrateful. Those things was my computer, dammit! Worst, I use my digicam and my webcam whenever the need arises, scanning-scanning dah tak main and my dad got me a new USB port Canon Pixma printer (which is noisier and no better than my dependable Canon Bubble-jet anyways) so yah. My old computer is now in separated pieces like a human chopped up into 5 parts and buried somewhere.

And steering back to the correct direction, I wanted to, whenever I remember (which is not too often) to transfer my 360-odd mp3s into my notebook. That's hundreds of hours of downloading on a 56k modem y'all. No way I'm going through that entire painstaking process. It never happened because I didn't take a pro-active stand. I'll take it tomorrow. I forgot. Nevermind. Next week. Nah, end of the semester I'll do it. Fine, I'll do it during one of the weekends. We're moving it can wait. 7-week semester, nevermind it'll pass. I'll take it along when I pick up my bro from school, I'll... I'll...

And finally, I came home, haul my notebook and bribing my bro to come along (and help me bring the CPU), get my ass to the shop, and Get. IT. Done. The guy did it in a matter of hours, I picked it up the next day (after duly worrying about leaving my laptop in strangers' hands) and it's all done! I have all my mp3s in my notebook! All I've forgotten to include into the transfer file was Lean Chiew's chess flash. I'll ask from him again. With broadband, speed? No problem-o! Gah ha ha ha! It took me half a year to transfer the files and it took the guy only a couple of hours. That's ... gila or what. And in case you're wondering why do I need to go to a shop to transfer files, that's because my old CPU was too old and my new notebook is too new. By that, I mean, there's no USB ports on my CPU and anyhow it doesn't do USB because its OS is Windows 98 while my notebook have no serial ports. Exclusively USB. No diskette drive either. How do you transfer mp3 on a diskette anyway? I simply do not have the equipment! That's why la!

Speaking of broadband:

I applied for Streamyx like, 2 weeks ago in 1 Utama and because of miscommunication and me taking things for granted without checking things out, we found out the roadshow agent's shop is really in Plaza Low Yat (hey! Bought my notebook there!) and not 1 Utama as my given impression. So they called my mom like, 3 times a day requesting us (demanding, really, towards the end) to go get our (free) modem at Plaza Low Yat but somehow one thing or another will crop up. There's always something going on that stop us from going down there just for one morning. They were desperate, we were exasperated. Wanted to terminate or cancel or whatever the account, in fact but it was already activated at this point. So finally they sent someone to 1 Utama and we finally picked it up and coming home, I finally installed and now I'm finally, FINALLY on streamyx. No more dial-up! I'm online-happy now! No more guilt about being online for 3 hours and piling up on the phone AND Jaring bills! I am happy! I am excited! See me dance! On the other hand...don't. The house might shake. My neighbours might yell in panic. Dum dee dum :). [Bomp]!

These few days there's just a nagging in my mind, get this done, get that done, remember this, remember that and when suddenly, poof, everything's done TODAY, I'm feeling displaced; like there's something I should've done but I've forgotten, but then I suddenly remember it's done. I get that right after exams, too, like I should be studying something, not watching tv, but wait, I sat for my final paper already...or end of semester, early in the morning, what am I going to wear today, gosh, what's the time?! Jump up and run to toilet! And...and...oh. Relax. I'm on holidays. High-strung, aren't I?

Anyways. I'm happy. Now, for MyKad...

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